KMazing – K-Pop Industry is lead by these three infamous powerhouse who have been producing all these talented artist throughout the history of K-Pop. The rivalry between them is well known even if the statement of each companies suggested none whatsoever.

But every time these three companies did collaboration it hit directly to viewer and became fantastically famous. Here are our top 3 awesome collaboration between the three biggest label in K-Pop

1. Wonder Girls and Big Bang – Tell Me & Lie

This collaboration happen during the time where “Tell Me” fever is sweeping out every side of South Korea. During one of the episode in KBS’s Music Bank Special Stage, the two top group during that time is performing their collaboration, JYP Ent’s Wonder Girl and YG Ent’s Big Bang. The collaboration is rather funny for me, because who would have thought that class, swag group such as Big Bang will be dancing to bubbly tune like “Tell Me”.


2. 2 PM and Girls’ Generation – Cabi Song

This is not per se a song but it’s a huge hit collaboration, such that make me realize that I need to include this sensational advertisement on my list. The advertisement was for Caribbean Bay waterpark *CMIIW*.  The actual reason this “collaboration” between Girls’ Generation and 2 PM is super famous was the muscular body of the 2 PM member and bikini look of the Girls’ Generation member.


3. Baekhyun and Suzy – Dream

The ultimate reason I crafted this list was because of this song, this ballad song with jazzy feeling is the perfect combination of JYP (Suzy of Miss A) and SM (Bekhyun of EXO). The music and vocal of the two singer compliment each other and create smooth harmony. It was also received well publicly in South Korea.