IU released her song titled “palette” on April 21 and as usual, her song top all the charts in South Korea. The song was featured by mega star G-Dragon of Big Bang. During her live performance on comeback event, she talked about the process of writing “palette” until the help she got from GD. IU said that “ I asked for a lot of advice when I was writing the lyrics to ‘Palette’. Featuring (G-Dragon) wasn’t in my mind. I just asked him for a lot of advice while I was working on the track and later on, I thought it would be good to have rap part so I asked him.”

IU revealed her admiration for GD and expressed her gratitude for helping her “He already had a good understanding of the track’s tone since I already discussed it with him a lot. His voice goes along well so I asked and fortunately, he happily accepted.”

During broadcasting live through Naver V App, IU praise her fans for giving unlimited support for her new album and songs. She later explained on how she named the album.

The reason why it’s titled ‘Palette’ is because palette caught my attention more than the art itself during art class. It contains various colors and it’s beautifully packed in its own unique ways and that became the start of this album.”  – IU

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The song reflected IU perfectly, her freedom in musicality is clearly shown here. “Palette”  is soft-tune  slow pop-type of music with R&B spices on the side. IU knows herself really well and create a music that emphasize on her pure-voice. On one hand, the beat really match well with the soft pop accompanying IU’s crystal voice but the impact is not there yet even though IU make a good use of GD’s clear and rigid performance.

The Music Video is artsy to the max, it’s like the director goes to eastern France and stole a few piece of  things display on the museum and blend it on the MV. IU’s performance is extraordinary as usual ; her dancing, playing game, and many other shows the depth of story behind the lyrics. The MV really echoed the title “palette” there are many components and action inside the MV but it’s perfectly structured and located just like palette.

My suggestion, watch the MV while listening to the song, if you want to put it on loop, try to snuck in other song from this album. “Palette” is good beyond doubt, but it could have been better.




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