KMazing – Yeaaaay finally EXO is blessing us with their comeback this hot summer. The fourth album titled “The War” and the main track for this album is “Ko Ko Bop” . The long awaited comeback will provide a tiny bit upset for EXO-L all around the globe due to the inability of Lay to participate in this album.

Song Review 

It’s  a whole new style that EXO is bringing in this song, they took the genre reggae with high fast paced tempo which seem a bit weird technically speaking. For some people whose music spectrum is stuck on the usual beat that EXO have been playing with, this song is a disappointment. But for people who has wide range of music knowledge, they can enjoy this song to their liking. Reggae which usually associated with slow tempo is upgraded in this song to fit the image of EXO. In my opinion what hold the song is the rhythmic melody that change the pace in the song that create smooth dynamic in the song. I personally like it, it shows that EXO is evolving and bravely leaving their comfort zone on this song.

MV Review

Even though I like the song, I don’t really like the MV. It’s a bit too “high” for me, the way the member smile, or the cut between the scene is somehow portraying stoned condition. I think the Music Video could have been much better rather than this. I can see that the director try to visualize the carefree image but this is a lil bit too much. It does suit the music but I still think that the MV could have been much better if they tone down a bit of the micro expression.