KMazing – One of the best K-Pop group in the history is comeback finally. EXO reportedly is coming back this very summer on mid-July with their new album. The big boys of SM Entertainment already confirmed to be performing their new track titled “KoKoBop” on M!Countdown on July, 20.

The album itself titled “The War” will be available on various portal and music sites since July, 18 *two days before their comeback stage*. The new album is the fourth studio album released by EXO since their debut in 2011.

The bad news is this time EXO will be promoting with only 8 members, without Lay. NO NO, Lay is not going to be another member that left the group. Lay is busy with his schedule and promotion in China and was unable to attend the production and preparation for the new album. As precaution step, and ensuring the highest quality produced by the group, Lay finally decided not to participate in the promotion for this album.

Representative from SM said that “Lay has had these promotions confirmed in his schedule for a long time. It’s regretful but Lay agreed to not participate in this comeback. Lay also feels very regretful about the matter.”

The member of EXO is also going to start their promotion in variety show with JTBC representative confirms that EXO will be making their appearance on “Knowing Brothers”. All the member will be participating in the filming for the variety show.