KMazing – Some time ago, Ga In Brown Eyed Girls had to cancel her performance schedule. The Agency the disclosed the reason behind the cancellation of her schedule. In the statement from Mystic Ent. Ga in was having health disorder that causes her not to be able to attend her schedule. Unfortunately, this statement got backlash and received quite a lot of negative response from netizens. Netizens suspect that Ga In is trying to hide her pregnancy by pretending to be sick.

There are a lot of reasons backing the rumor circulating on the news, one of the most obvious and got a lot of support from the netizen is Ga in could be one of that couple who accidentally have baby and married later, the trend which nowadays spreading all over Korean Entertainment Industry. Moreover, she has been in relationship for long time dating actor Joo Ji Hoon.

Ga In immediately took an action to communicate and address the rumor through her Instagram account. The singer posted a photo medical diagnosis to break all the rumors in circulation. In the report, the 29-year star is suffering from pneumonia, insomnia, anxiety, and panic disorder.

Although she knows that many netizens write this rumor and try to smear on her fame, Ga In admitted that she would not take legal action on the rumor maker. The reason is she felt tired to deal with netizens who do not stop making false rumors about her.

on May 23, 2017 Ga In suddenly had to be rushed to the hospital and the agency did not release any information regarding the disease, this condition lead to false rumor spreading about her pregnancy. Ga In had to cancel her appearance on several show because she had to be hospitalized for treatment and rest.