KMazing – The sibling duo is coming back and hit the ground running, I should say that this is one of their best work yet. Without further ado let’s review the component of the song !

Song Review

Akdong Musician is known for their own colour in their music, and their voice of course. The thing with AkMu is, you will get bored after listening to their song, because it’s too close with each other. I know that they try to emphasize on their capability rather than walking through try and error just to hit the zenith spot, but this is also the reason *in my humble opinion* of why they didn’t get that “star” label on their name yet *no, no am not talking about label as in music production, they are YG’s artist*.  

…and then “Dinosaur” came to life and they reach new ground with this song. This piece offer new diorama on how AkMu produced their song. The song itself step on EDM land and the trills which usually come as instrument sound, here replaced by the voice of Suhyun, which is super great. They replace the use of synth and putting in their own voice which is out of this world great ! I love how they still keep their identity in their song and step to experimental scope which end up with this magnum-opus music.

Music Video Review

The song tells you the story of siblings that created imaginary world to let go of their struggles. The creativity of the duo is good but the works done by the director for this particular song is simply superb. Cinematography is great, CG perfect, in-cut stunning. Exceptional MV for great piece.