KMazing – Baekhyun was practically well-established. He can perform on variety shows as well as acting in dramas and comedy. His acting in Scarlet Heart Ryeo earned great praise. And do not forget the fact that Baekhyun is also one of the best vocalists in EXO. Xiumin has acted in EXO’s web drama and other web dramas. His acting skills are pretty good. Xiumin is still struggling with shyness in front of the camera. If he manages to overcome it, he will have more choices in the future.

Suho did act in some drama and the result is good enough. He can also be a host, but his personality is not the kind that most viewers would like to see in front of the screen. His vocal skills are not strong enough to follow the musical path, so we have to wait for what his plan is.

Kai has been given a lead role in the drama lately and he is very promising. He’s a little less good for a career in variety shows, but he’s got a lot of talent outside dance. Kai seems to be a good actor. Sehun is maknae and he is also quite unpredictable. Fans have not caught a hint about what he will do in the future. During this time he only looks on stage with his group and occasionally appear on variety shows.

Fans just hope EXO will not be struggling because of their compulsory military time, because after all they will be difficult if D.O., Baekhyun, Chen, and Chanyeol is on hiatus at the same time. The rap line can still be covered by another, but for the vocal line, at least one or two of the four vocalists above must still be there to maintain the balance of the group.