Before we jump into the the list, we want to let you know that we here at Kmazing loves every music produced by the all talented group and performers in K-Pop World. This list is not the Ultimate list, We just simply put together the music that we enjoy the most this month. Hope it helps you guys in enjoying your time. enough Disclaimer time. now let’s jump into the list.

  • WINNER – “Really Really”

Upon listening the music for the first time, the beat and the music started like another Justin Bieber type of work which is nice, but then the vocal comes up and everything’s changed and at that moment you realized that “Aha, this is the new Winner“. Seungyoon’s voice create an impact and lift up the song every time he sing. the “really really” part is clinging after several times you listen to it and it is good. it’s transition time for Winner after the departure of Tae Hyun and continue as four-member group.

  • EXID – “Night Rather than Day”

EXID is changing their style, while sexiness is still in there somewhere but they completely trying new style. It sounds kinda calm for EXID because maybe we are used to “Up and Down”. I personally don’t know if this is just me but I think I hear 24K Magic Bruno Mars somewhere in the song. All in all, it’s good to see a new style rather than clinging to one hit song and recreate the beat over and over. It’s a new thing for some people but for me, this is good.

  • MINZY – “NiNaNo”

It’s an American pop song with korean lyrics. I LOVE IT. TBH I thought the song will be another Teddy-ish song, with Minzy touch on the side, but I was proved wrong. Minzy with all the resources she got in herself create a new spectrum for curious listener of K-Pop. The song in her album reflected how talented Minzy is. Good Luck Gong Minzy.

  • ZICO – “She’s a Baby”

If you enjoy Zico’s music before you might see something different this time. Zico shows another side of him by presenting a music that very melodic and catch a slow jam phase overtime. The first time I listen to this song, I thought this was okay-ish but later after repeating it for two and three times, I realized how sensitive and creative Zico in crafting his music.


Please do comment  below if you have favorite song that we need to listen.