KMazing – Legendary K-Pop boy group Super Junior has officially announced their comeback as a group with the release of a special single album in the near future. This is certainly a surprise for their fans called ELF who have been waiting for a comeback from the band for quite a long time.

Super Junior announced their intention to make their return through Instagram stories on Monday (1402/2022) at midnight South Korean time, announcing it with spoiler photographs. “Super Junior Special Single Album is Coming #Superjunior,” says the picture description.

The photo that was uploaded shows the nine Super Junior members, Siwon, Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Donghae, Heechul, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, and Shindong who were doing a photoshoot. The personnel of Suju wear pastel-coloured suits, with a cloth background decorated with words.

Super Junior

The words that adorn the white cloth background of the Suju personnel are thought to be the lyrics of their special single album that will be released. However, this is still a conjecture that has not been officially confirmed by Super Junior’s side.

According to a report from koreajoongangdaily, the label SJ claims that the special single would be a gift for fans of Super Junior in welcoming their comeback. Especially from fans in South Korea and abroad who appreciate Suju’s music.

“Recently, members have been active with their individual schedules,” claims the agency. “This special single, containing Super Junior’s world of music, will be a pleasant gift for fans around the world.”

The last time the legendary boyband who took the trend with single Sorry Sorry released their album was in March 2021. At that time Super Junior released their 10th studio album titled The Renaissance with the title track “House Party.”

Super Junior

Following the release of their best-selling single “Sorry, Sorry” in 2009 Super Junior gained worldwide notoriety. They’ve been separated into smaller groups throughout time, focusing on diverse music sectors and audiences at the same time.

Individually, the members have dabbled in hosting, presenting, and acting. Other Korean talent management has begun teaching their music groups in other parts of the entertainment business as a result of their success and appeal as all-around performers.

The legendary boy band has 11 Korean albums and 2 Japanese albums under their name.

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