World sensation PSY is reportedly gearing for his comeback next month after South Korean Presidential election. The long awaited comeback of PSY who once dominated the world with “Gangnam style” will come as an album, hence the reason of preparation is taking a bit longer. According to source from YG EntertainmentSince it’s an album that has been in preparation for a long time, we’ve been looking at the comeback date for a while. There has been a lot of heavy issues in Korea, so we decided to come back in May” 

The groundwork for PSY comeback also been released to the public, including the participation of Lee Byung Hun, renowned Korean actor that now busy working with Hollywood, in which he will take part in the music video for PSY comeback. Lee Byung Hun is a good friend of PSY so it’s normal to see them supporting each other. Another name leaked to the public that will join PSY comeback is Naeun of Apink. It might be confusing for some people who enjoy PSY’s music, because usually PSY choose sexy icon in the industry like Gain and Hyuna, but this time He chose Naeun who have rather pure and girly image.

The news become clearer when an insider from the industry told the reason, stated that “the female lead of Psy’s new MV is pure rather than sexy. That’s why he chose Na-Eun while searching for a female lead that perfectly matches the character.”

It sure will be an epic collaboration between them, and we can’t wait for PSY to drop his 8th album soon. Are you looking forward for this too ?





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