Uncontrollably Fond is one of the Korean dramas which was released in 2016. If you are a Korean drama lover, this drama might be the drama that you will love to watch. The series is already popular among the Korean drama lovers and perhaps if  you want to know more about this series before enjoying them, you can read this article till  the end since we are going to review this popular television series, in which Bae Suzy and Kim Woo Bin are the lead cast in this drama. Surely most of the Korean drama lovers have noticed about them since they have been really popular with a lot of dramas that they have starred before.

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Uncontrollably Fond filled the slot where there used to be the mega-famous television drama, *yep* Descendants of the Sun. Expectation is getting higher after the news about the cast break out and the viewer is expecting good chemistry between Suzy and Woo Bin. The television series adopted romance melodrama with emphasize on relationship between the casts member. Uncontrollably Fond choose to use pre-production type of production. This type of production create more flexible room in the progress of the story or the ending, usually to satisfy the viewer or to reignite the attention. Before we go further check out the trailer and keep on reading !


The Plot

Talking about K-Drama of course we need to talk about the synopsis or plot. This series is  20-episode long and each episode are really great. The writer tailor the story very well and crafted tragedies between them.  The title of this K drama represents the love which is just uncontrollable between two little best friends. They are No Eul (Suzy) and also Shin Joon Young (Woo Bin). They are good friends during their childhood and then separated by such the conditions, later they meet again after they are mature and grown up. They have the different careers and reach their own dreams. Joon Young is getting really successful as a rising star actor. He has a lot of fans. That is completely different from No Eul’s life. She has the ordinary life as a program director of a documentary program. It becomes much worse since she has so much debt. She then does anything for repaying all of her debt no matter how.

Things turn fast when the drama revealed the fact that Joon Young is diagnosed suffering from a deadly disease. The prognosis is that he only has the chance of life less than a year. This Korean drama is about the stories between them who have met again accidentally which is full of love, tears, and even conflicts. The Korean drama of Uncontrollably Fond has some other titles, as like ‘Lightly, Ardently’, ‘Indiscreetly Fond’, and so on.


There are some popular Korean actress and actors who starred this drama. As the main characters, Woo Bin as Shin Joon Young, and No Eul character was played by Bae Suzy. Surely, both of them are very well known name for K-Drama lover since there are some popular Korean dramas which have been played by them. The supporting roles also comes with big name in the industry. Besides those, there are also a lot of popular Korean actors and actress who came as cameo for this television series such as Lee Joon ho, Kim YooNa, Lee Yoo Bi, and several others.


The reception for Uncontrollably Fond is good but still below expectation, the rating was high especially on its early episodes. That can reach double digit with range 11% – 16% of the people’s attention. However, when the drama develop more stories in the middle of broadcast period the rating drop tho it is not that significant. The dragging out in the middle really drawn out the hype from Uncontrollably Fond. Uncontrollably Fond reception across the continent made up the disappointment reception in Korea. Here at KMazing, we give 4 out of 5 as the rating.

Final Verdict

This serial drama offers the great performance of the casts. They have got the great appreciations from the audience, especially for Woo Bin.  The characters is so rich and full of story, while the supporting actor successfully adding the depth toward the plot. It’s an absolute amazing ride, with stories connected through secrets and tragedies. The intertwined between the plot also create another point.  However, public expressed their sadness over the performance of Bae Suzy that was a bit “weak” than Kim Woo Bin who create another persona over the character he played. Another thing to add is  that this drama is totally melancholic and has the break-heart-sad-lost ending. Still, Uncontrollably Fond will really be an enjoyment for those who love melancholic type of  drama.

Notable SoundTracks
  • Ring My Bell – Bae Suzy

  • I Miss You – Hyolyn 

  • Finding DIfference – Seul Ong


  • Only You – Junggigo 


  • My Heart Speak – Kim Na Young