KMazing – For those who like K-Drama or K-Pop, Song Hye Kyo is the name you must be familiar with. She was first hit the headline after her performance in drama titled “Endless Love”, later on Song Hye Kyo put on her spell and hypnotized us thanks to her hilarious but cute role in “Full House”. Besides having a brilliant acting, Song Hye Kyo is also famous for her beautiful and elegant appearance, even when she was just wearing her usual attire in hotel room. With beautiful face and killer smile no wonder she was named one of the most beautiful-looking celebrities in Korea. Even a few of those call her ‘goddess’.

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Song Hye Kyo’s name is increasingly popular worldwide thanks to her role as Doctor Kang Mo Yeon in the super-popular drama Descendants of the Sun. Now everything about Song Hye Kyo will attract the attention of media and fans. Including the matter of her hairstyle. Speaking of hairstyle, Song Hye Kyo is caught having a new model of hairstyle. She was usually style her hair long but the latest photos of the actress who played in  “My Brilliant life” shows that she now has her hair on shoulder length or bob hairstyle.

Fans who happened to meet and see her at the airport, saw the new hairstyle of  Hye Kyo when the star was at the airport. The source also said that the 26-year-old actress face look smaller. Not only that, some say that the actress look more elegant than when she has hair long. When you adore someone, everything she did is good ! and surely, KMazing loves Song Hye Kyo !!