Another Miss Oh, also known as Another Oh Hae-Young and Oh Hae-Young Again, is one of the most popular and widely recognized korean television dramas broadcasted by TvN in the middle of 2016. The story of this drama revolves around two girls named Oh Hae-Young that are a complete opposite and a man who has a clairvoyant ability of seeing visuals of the future ahead of him. One particular visual bothers him and due to his bitter past, he decides it would be better if he tried to get away from these girls.

The Cast

Seo Hyun Jin as the main Oh Hae-Young.

Eric Mun as Park Do Kyung.

Jun Hye Bin as pretty Oh Hae-Young.

Lee Jae Yoon as Han Tae Jin.

The Plot/Synopsis

The main character of this drama, Oh Hae-Young (Seo Hyun Jin) is an ordinary girl who likes to eat a lot and works in a catering department of a company. She was originally engaged to be married to Han Tae Jin. However, just one day prior to their wedding, Han Tae Jin got cold feet and decided to call off the wedding. As heart broken as she was, Hae Young agreed to call it off with one condition: Jin should announce it was she (Oh Hae Young) who made the decision to call off the wedding.

The news traveled fast and Oh Hae Young received a backlash, being blamed for the broken engagement by her family and to add insult to injury, her cynical manager also used it against her. Although she was extremely hurt and humiliated, she didn’t show it publicly and could only cry when she’s alone in her room, a total tearjerker moment!

Meanwhile, there is another Oh Hae Young. The other Oh Hae-Young is her polar opposite, she is incredibly beautiful and popular. Both Hae-Youngs attended the same school in the past and even then she always managed to outshine the main Hae-young. This pretty Oh Hae Young was supposed to be marrying a sound engineer, Do-Kyung, but she left him at the altar.

Do-Kyung was devastated, and in a drunken haze he heard the news of an Oh Hae-Young about to marry an entrepreneur. He mistook the woman (main Oh Hae Young) as his ex and ruined Jin’s business which later then forced Jin to lie and call off the wedding.

Being left by her fiance, the lives of main Oh Hae-Young was ruined. As she was struggling to come to terms with it, she accidentally bumped into Do-Kyung. As reserved as he is, Do-Kyung feels oddly comfortable being around Hae-Young. They start to open up and soon Do-Kyung realizes that he’s made a mistake and he’s the reason of her broken engagement. Feeling guilty, he tries so hard to avoid her even though his visions keep showing him their future together and he starts falling for her.



This critically-acclaimed drama ruled the chart with its high ratings. Originally planned for 16 episodes, seeing its exceptional success TvN network felt it was necessary to extend the drama for 2 additional episodes with 2 special episodes. The finale racked up the highest rating of 9.991%.

Notable Original Soundtracks (OST)

The greatest thing about Another Miss Oh is its ability to make us laugh and cry within minutes. The flawless acting, great plot, and beautifully fitting soundtracks. There are 16 soundtracks played throughout 18 episodes, 4 of which are its main soundtracks:

“Like A Dream” by Ben.

I think this song is one of the best Korean drama OST songs ever.


“What Is Love?” by Seo Hyun Jin & Yoo Seung Woo.


“Maybe I” by Roy Kim.


“Little Miss Sunshine” by Wable.


This is an ultimate romantic drama that can be enjoyed by people of all age. Unlike most dramas, Another Miss Oh has a plot that is anti mainstream and not overly complicated. Its simplicity doesn’t make it boring. However, Those who have watched it agree that the simplicity along with the casts’ ability to bring the characters alive is what appeals to them. That’s why this drama is one of the best Korean drama of all time. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Here’s the trailer by the way.