KMazing – When watching Korean dramas, we may have noticed there are some good actors who are often shown ‘only’ as a second lead actor or even a supporting cast. Their small roles can be easily forgotten by being drowned by larger roles though the actors have acting skills that are not inferior to the mainstream actors. And in this post we will highlight the names that should get a bigger role in a drama.

4. Cho Hae Jung

She is a chubby woman who utters famous words, “Do you like Messi?” In Fairy Kim Bok-joo’s Weightlifting drama. For the sake of her role as Jung Nan-hee, Cho Hae-jung is willing to raise her weight. She is very attractive, has a natural beauty, and her eyes are so expressive.

3. Choi Tae Joon

If you hate his character as a psychopath killer in Missing Nine, then he’s been a successful actor. Choi Tae-joon has a powerful charisma and a memorable face for the audience. With those two traits, it is natural that many people want him to play in a drama with a larger portion.

2. Lee Sun Bin

Not just only beautiful and talented, Lee Sun-bin also has a deep voice that is sexy, deeper than most Korean actress. She plays small roles until she gets a decent portion in Missing Nine. If need to be portrayed, she has a charm like Jun Ji-hyun and beauty like Song Hye-kyo.

1. Go Kyung Pyo

Before starring in Strongest Deliveryman, Go Kyung-pyo sticks to the roles of second leads. In Jealousy Incarnate, he makes the audience worried because his charm is not inferior to the main male actor, Jo Jung-suk. Now viewers hope Kyung-pyo can continue to maintain his status as a lead actor.