KMazing – Being an artist in Korean entertainment industry, you gotta be multitalented. For example EXO, the members are not just good at singing and dancing, but they are also good in acting. It was proven with some of the following web drama played by them. Not just web drama, one member is D.O, have taken part on the big screen for a few times, cool right? Well, let’s cut to the case and here is the list of web dramas ever played by the EXO members, let’s get it on!

5. Star of the Universe

The drama, starring EXO leader, Suho, aired in 2017. In this drama, Suho collaborated acting with beautiful actress Ji Woo. ‘Star of the Universe ‘ tells the romance of a singer named Woo Joo with a songwriter named Byul.

4. 7 First Kisses

The web of this drama tells of Min Soo Jin, who is 25 years old but has never even been in a relationship. Until finally she met a mysterious woman who made her meet with 7 handsome guys. Not only starring Kai ‘EXO’, the drama also stars Lee Min Ho, Lee Jun Ki, Ji Chang Wook, Ok Taecyeon, Park Hae Jin, and Lee Jong Suk.

3. Positive Physique

This one drama web starring D.O ‘EXO’ and Chae Soo Jin. The drama, which aired in 2016 and then, tells of Kim Hwan Dong who has to ask for his ex-girlfriend’s help to complete his film project. The film project he did is to fulfill his graduation requirements.

2. Choco Bank

The drama, which aired in 2016, tells about Kim Eun Haeng who just graduated but has not gotten a job. He also had to lie to his mother that he had worked for a bank. However, he meets Han Cho Co, a woman who will eventually work with Eun Haeng. The drama stars Kai ‘EXO’ and Park Eun Bin.

1.  EXO Next Door

EXO-L must have already familiar with this particular web drama. The drama was aired in 2015, which tells about 5 EXO members who are on vacation to Chanyeol’s grandfather’s home. And they became the neighbor of a woman who is an EXO fan. The web drama took the genre of romantic comedy which is really exciting.