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You knew K-POP is an uproar at this moment. Nearly everybody in Asia loves K-POP. K-POP even has its own dedicated fanbase in the western society, and although it is not as popular in the west, its popularity is growing in steady stream.

There are many reasons why K-POP is popular. Perhaps because the girls and the boys are pleasing to the eye or perhaps it is because the songs are catchy and easy to listen. Because of its popularity, many managements form idol groups in the land of South Korea. One of the idol group included in my sayings above is Black Pink.

The History of Black Pink


Black Pink is formed under YG Entertainment, the management famous for handling groups such as Big Bang and the recently disbanded 2NE1 (many even think that Black Pink is the successor to 2NE1. That opinion left much to be seen).

They debuted on the 8th of August 2016. Their first foray into the world of K-POP has led to the creation of Square One, their very first album. Many said Black Pink is Super Rookie because of their high popularity even after just debuted.

Now let’s go to see the girls.

The members of Black Pink


Black Pink consist of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa.



Stage name    : Jisoo

Birth name    : Kim Ji Soo

Nicknames    : Chi Choo or Jichu


Many has called this vocalist of Black Pink as the face of the group. She was born in January 3rd of 1995 and is a Capricorn. She is a South Korean born raised and she is 162 centimetres at height.

I have several fun facts about Jisoo. Do you know that Jisoo is not fluent in English (well obviously, if you think about it)? She do, however, understand when people talks in English, so she got that going for her, which is nice. She trained for 5 years and she has starred in several CFs (commercial films).

Jisoo is Kmazing’s bias and she included in most beautiful girls in K-POP girl group of all time.



Stage name    : Jennie

Birth name    : Jennie Kim

Nickname      : Jendeuk


K-POP groups are not complete without a rapper, so Black Pink has Jennie filling that role. This Capricorn girl was born at South Korea, specifically on January 16th of 1996. She is 163 centimetres and has starred in G Dragon’s “That XX”. Unlike Jisoo, she is fluent in Japanese, Korean, and English and has been a trainee for five years before finally making her debut with Black Pink.



Stage name    : Rose

Birth Name    : Park Chae Young

Nickname       : Rose, Rosie


If Jennie and Jisoo are from South Korea, ROSE is a bit different. She hails from New Zealand (though she moved to South Korea back in 2012) and was born on February 11th, 1997. She is an Aquarius, and is 168 centimetres. She is an avid fan of kimchi stew, and has said that that she likes someone with a beautiful voice. She enjoy playing guitar and drawing. Like Jennie, she has appeared in G-Dragon’s music video ‘Without You’.



Stage name    : Lisa

Birth name    : Lalisa Manoban

Nicknames    : Lalice, Laliz, Pokpak


Lisa is the maknae (meaning the youngest one) of the group and is the sub vocalist and rapper of Black Pink. This Aries was born in Bangkok, Thailand on 27th of March 1997 and is the only non-South Korean in the group. Like any other members of Black Pink, she resides in South Korea and is measured at 167 centimetres. French fries and Gamjatang (some sort of pork spine soup) are her favourite dishes. She has trained for 5 years, pretty much the same as other members of Black Pink.

Until now, there are no Black Pink members who played a popular Korean drama.

Now let’s go to see Black Pink’s Popular songs.

Black Pink’s Popular Songs

Their debut songs ‘Boombayah’ and ‘Whistle’ have been their most popular song up until now, both lands at no 1 and 2 on World Digital Songs Chart.

And recently they released 2 new songs ‘Stay’ and ‘Playing with Fire’ that also got massive response from K-POP world.

Black Pink – Playing with Fire


Black Pink – Stay (this is Kmazing’s favorite song of Black Pink)


Black Pink – Boombayah


Black Pink – Whistle


Black Pink – As If It’s Your Last


Curious About Their Personality?

Watch them express their cuteness here :


Oh, and all of the members in Black Pink shared the same official Instagram account, which is @blackpinkofficial. Do visit the page if you are interested in Black Pink.

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