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6Black Pink Members Profile 2017

Looking for Black Pink members profile? You’ve come to the right place.

You knew K-POP is an uproar at this moment. Nearly everybody in Asia loves K-POP. K-POP even has its own dedicated fanbase in the western society, and although it is not as popular in the west, its popularity is growing in steady stream.

There are many reasons why K-POP is popular. Perhaps because the girls and the boys are pleasing to the eye or perhaps it is because the songs are catchy and easy to listen. Because of its popularity, many managements form idol groups in the land of South Korea. One of the idol group included in my sayings above is Black Pink.

The History of Black Pink

Black Pink is formed under YG Entertainment, the management famous for handling groups such as Big Bang and the recently disbanded 2NE1 (many even think that Black Pink is the successor to 2NE1. That opinion left much to be seen).

They debuted on the 8th of August 2016. Their first foray into the world of K-POP has led to the creation of Square One, their very first album. Many said Black Pink is Super Rookie because of their high popularity even after just debuted.

Now let’s go to see the girls.




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