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Red Velvet Background and History

Red Velvet is a Korean girl group created by SM Entertainment. There are five members in this group including Seulgi, Irene, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri.

Red Velvet is part of S.M.ROOKIES project planned by SM Entertainment before. The group name ‘Red Velvet’ becomes the symbol of combination between sexiness and power of Red and also girl gentleness of Velvet.

The first debut of this girl group was August 1st 2014 by releasing first single entitled ‘Happiness’. This single had funky, fun, and unique which represents the girl group characteristics. At this moment Red Velvet only had 4 members without Yeri.


In March 2015, Red Velvet declared their comeback and there was also a surprise since there was Yeri as the new member and the youngest member of the group. They released their first album entitled Ice Cream Cake at March 18th 2015.


Red Velvet Members Profile


Red Velvet consists of five beautiful girls: Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri.




Stage Name                  : Irene

Birth Name                   : Bae Joo Hyeon

Nickname                      : Baechu

Position                         : Leader, Lead Dancer, Main Rapper, Face of the group

Birthday                        : March 29th 1991

Zodiac Sign                   : Aries

Nationality                    : Korean

Height                            : 161cm

Weight                            : 44kg

Member Facts :

  • First casting in 2009
  • Start debut as Henry ‘1-4-3’ music video model
  • SHINee ‘Why So Serious?’ music video model
  • Trainee along with Sulli and Krystal f(x)
  • She can’t lie
  • YG Entertainment ex-trainee
  • The Notebook is her favorite movie
  • Trainee for five years

Irene is Kmazing’s bias, and she is the most beautiful girl in K-POP girl group.




Stage Name                  : Seulgi

Birth Name                   : Kang Seul Gi

Nickname                      : Kkangseul

Position                          : Main Dancer, Lead Vocal

Birthday                         : February 10th 1994

Zodiac Sign                    : Aqurius

Nationality                     : Korean

Height                             : 165cm

Weight                            : 42kg

Member Facts :

  • Ansan Byeolmang Middle School, Seoul Performing Arts High School was her school
  • First casting in 2007 open audition
  • Trainee and friend with Sulli and Krystal f(x)
  • Same birthday with Naeun ‘APink’
  • Henry ‘Fantastic’ music video model
  • Trainee for seven years




Stage Name                  : Wendy

Birth Name                   : Song Seungwan

Nickname                      : Olaf

Position                          : Visual, Main Vocalist

Birthday                         : February 21st 1994

Zodiac Sign                    : Pisces

Nationality                    : Canadian

Height                            : 160cm

Weight                            : 40kg

Member Facts :

  • Richmond Hill High School was her school
  • Member of Richmond Hill High School choir as soprano
  • Was in musical such as ‘A Good Witch of the South’ and ‘Holly Polly’ during high school
  • Has been in ‘Cube Auditions in Canada 2011’ in Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada
  • Casting for ‘SM Global Audition in Canada’ in 2012
  • Sang ‘Because I Love You’ as ‘Mimi’ OST




Stage Name                  : Joy

Birth Name                   : Park Sooyoung

Nickname                     : DoongDoongie

Position                         : Lead Rapper, Vocal

Birthday                        : September 3rd 1996

Zodiac Sign                  : Virgo

Nationality                   : Korean

Height                           : 167cm

Weight                          : 43kg

Member Facts :

  • First casting in 2012 through ‘SM Global Audition in Seoul’
  • The only member that is not from S.M.ROOKIES members
  • Was a maknae before Yeri arrival
  • Look like twin sister of Kim Yoojung
  • Trainee for two years




Stage Name                  : Yeri

Birth Name                   : Kim Yerim

Nickname                      : –

Position                         : Dance, Rapper, Vocal, Maknae

Birthday                        : March 5th 1999

Zodiac Sign                  : Pisces

Nationality                   : Korean

Height                           : 160cm

Weight                          : 48kg

Member Facts :

  • Member of S.M.ROOKIES
  • First casting with SM Entertainment in 2012
  • Trainee since elementary school fifth grader
  • Has appeared in music video opening of Red Velvet ‘Happiness with S.M.ROOKIES Girls


Red Velvet Popular Songs :

Happiness (2014)


Ice Cream Cake (2015)


Dumb Dumb (2015)


Russian Roulette (2016)


Happiness and Ice Cream Cake are Kmazing’s favorite songs. So what’s your Red Velvet favorite songs? And who’s your bias? Let us know in comments below.

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