KMazing – The K-Pop world was recently shocked by a dating scandal involving Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK and Kai from EXO. Dispatch is the media that first exposed the new couple to the public. The public was waiting for confirmation from both agencies and finally, SM Entertainment confirmed the news.

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There are a lot of fans that are happy because their two idols are dating, but there are also many that predict the couple will soon face the breakup. We will not jinx the couple by engrossing on the idea, but the possibility is quite high especially looking at the trend of dating idol couple. So, why will Jennie and Kai breakup?  These three reasons might give you the answer.

YG Entertainment Has Super Strict Dating Rules

YG Entertainment has a strict dating ban, at least for several years. YG would not hesitate to kick out their idols who were proven to violate the rules, as had happened to Miyeon who was one of the trainees that are being prepped to be the member of BLACKPINK.

Because BLACKPINK is a relatively new group – and even still belongs to the rookie category – they are still under the rules of the dating court. So it will be interesting to see the way YG handle this very difficult case especially for Jennie which was rumored to be one of the most loved member of the group. I personally believe YG will be “taking care” of this issue by giving more comebacks for the group so that the natural separation will be inevitable.

Dating between Idols is a Big Issue

Every time a top South Korean idol is rumored to be dating, they must have received many hate attacks especially if they are one of the popular idols. Of course, there will always be fans who faithfully support them. But aggressive fans will start acting unfairly and the artists who date will be targeted. Do you guys still remember the respond of the fans when they found that Baekhyun EXO and Taeyeon Girls’ Generation is in a relationship a few years ago?

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source: SBS

Because Kai and Jennie are both popular idols, many haters will be taking the guerrilla side on the internet with hateful comments. But for now, positive reactions are more dominant and hopefully, this trend will continue.

Jennie has Had a Hate Attack Recently

In recent news developments, Jennie has become the top trend because of her solo song. She was also highlighted because she was considered lazy and lacking in enthusiasm during her concert with BLACKPINK. This hatred will reach extreme levels after the news of this relationship spread.

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There aren’t many hate attacks from Kai fans because he had dated publicly before. While Jennie certainly will get a lot of attacks from her own fans and of course the haters. Even about seniority, Kai doesn’t seem to have a significant problem because he has been involved in the K-Pop industry for a long time.

We don’t know what will happen next. Will Jennie and Kai breakup? Maybe they will maybe they will not. But for now, millions of fans are still celebrating the news and hope the couple can last forever.