KMazing – Every year K-Pop world never failed to come up with interesting stories. From dating to break up, disbanding to debut, the entertainment never stops. One of the most interesting things to highlight is the drop out of several top idols from their boyband or girl group.

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There are many reasons why an idol chooses to leave their group, whether it’s because of a scandal or because of a contract dispute including to being reluctant to extend the contract. Here are six idols who recently choose to left their respective group.


source: Kpopmap

MASC’s Boyband from J Planet Entertainment tripped over a heavy scandal last year. Their two idols were involved in a violent scandal. Chibin was a member who was beaten until he suffered physical and mental trauma.


MASC also lost ACE, the vindicated members who beat Chibin. ACE was released by his agency, JJ Holic Media. After ACE and Chibin left, all the members also choose to leave and focus on the film career.

Bang Yongguk

source: Soompi

B.A.P also got a severe ordeal last year because their leader, Bang Yongguk, officially left the group. Yongguk choose not to renew his expired contract with TS Entertainment. The company claimed that BAP will be continuing their promotion with the remaining members.

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source: Allkpop

Girlband Gugudan who had just risen to fame had to give up one of their members, Hyeyeon because this beautiful idol was forced to leave Jellyfish Entertainment due to her health problems. Hyeyeon wrote a touching open letter for her fans explaining the reason.


source: metro

The romance scandal of E’Dawn and HyunA ended the contract of the Pentagon’s member. Cube Entertainment finally decided to cut off E’Dawn it in the midst of the scandal. E’Dawn officially left the group and his agency in mid-November.

Zico Block B

source: allkpop

The most shocking news this year came from famous rapper Woo Ji-ho aka Zico. Zico’s decision to drop out from Block B was clearly a heavy blow because he was not an ordinary idol, but also a songwriter and record producer for the company. Zico chose not to renew his contract with Seven Seasons. He was then reported to have been established his own production company.

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The curse of sever-year is still ghosting the K-Pop industry. The disbandment of a group who lost their leader or main member will be inevitable. But one thing for sure is that we might lose one group but worry not, there will a lot that will be making their debut soon.