KMazing – YG Entertainment is really stirring us up with their lineup comeback over the year, WINNER then PSY now their monster rookie BLACK PINK is next in line for scheduled comeback on June. The news about the groups comeback is getting their fans happy as they thought it’s been too long for their bias to make their comeback.

An official from YG representative stated that currently the members of Black Pink is working hard in preparation of their comeback which expected will be happening next month [June]. While the concept and color of the song still unknown, fans around the globe is expecting something fresh and different from Black Pink since they are making comeback in the summer.

Black Pink made their debut in August last year, and they are already one of the protagonist of the new K-Pop generation.  With the disbandment of 2NE1, Black Pink is now the one and only girl group in YG Entertainment. The girls successfully catch up to the high level of expectation. Black Pink have released four songs and three of them (Whistle, Boombaya and Playing with Fire) is on 100 million views on Youtube. The popularity world-wide is also incredibly high for group that only make their debut around 9 months ago.

As a bonus for you KMazing frequent reader, check out Rose of Black Pink cover of their label mate, Winner – Really Really. Keep on Reading and Enjoy !!