Kmazing – In her latest interview, Park Bo Young revealed what kind of dream man she expected to become her life partner. She also firmly said that there is no way  she would  go out with Park Hyung Sik, his partner in sensational television series, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. According to Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik is not her ideal type of man, “There’s no way I would date Park Hyung Sik.” the actress said while laughing


Later on the 27-year-old star then explains what kind of characteristic that a man should have to become her ideal type. Even so, until now she has never found her ideal type of man yet.

“I like men who straightforwardly express their emotions. Up until now, there hasn’t been anyone who’s directly said, ‘I think I like you.’ For some reason, I think it’s cool when a guy just swoops in[to your life],” – Park Bo Young

The actress then added that she loves a man with strong personality and positive mindset, she also thinks that a guy with aegyo is a plus for her realizing that she have less of that kind of cutey characteristic “It’s a [bonus] if he has a lot of cute antics, since I have none myself,”

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