KMazing – MAN TO MAN is currently one of the most talked-about dramas nowadays. In the midst of the popularity of this drama, Park Hae Jin divulge as to what the real situation is on the set. The star who portrayed the secret agent revealed to the public what were the obstacles during the filming of the JTBC drama. One of those mentioned is the kiss scene that he did with Kim Min Jung. We might thought that every kiss scene has a very romantic atmosphere, well as a viewer we can’t go further in to the scene but the actor and the actress who did the scene knows the story behind every steamy scene on the series.


According to Park Hae Jin, the kiss scene where he kisses with his female partner is actually not romantic at all.  Even far from to be called romantic, due to the condition where  they have to shoot the smooch act under very cold weather with temperature -10 degrees Celsius.

“It was filmed at night when it was -10 degrees celsius (approximately 32 degrees Fahrenheit). Kim Min Jung’s lips as well as my lips were completely frozen, so the kiss wasn’t too romantic.” said the actor.

Man to Man tells the story of Park Hae Jin who plays as a secret agent disguised as a bodyguard in order complete his mission. But who would have thought that the things turned twisted and he started to care about the manager of the actors he protected. The series is also expecting a huge star cameo with Song Joong Ki and Nam Goong Min is expected to make their cameo appearance on episode 9 and 10 of the JTBC’s series.