KMazingMan to Man never seize to impress us K-Drama lover, after being the first ever South Korean television series to be on Netflix, the series that replaced another famous drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon will be giving us another surprise. It was revealed that two handsome and famous actor, Song Joong Ki and Nam Goong Min is scheduled to make their appearance as cameo in the television series starring Park Hae Jin and Park Sung Woong.

Representative from Man X Man team released statement saying that the two actors, will be on the episodes that air on 19 and 20 May. Song Joong Ki will play a very picky figure, maybe close to the role played by Yoo Ah In when he appear as cameo on “Descendants of The Sun.

While Nam Goong Min, will be making his cameo facade on 10th episode with Park Sung Woong and will be playing as psychopath figure like his own character in “Remember” . The appearance of Song Joong Ki and Nam Goong Min is due to their close relationship with the crew for Man x Man through previous projects.

This will be the first ever appearance of Song Joong Ki in 2017, After hitting it home with Descendant of The Sun, the actor rarely appear on screen. He only appeared once as guest on “The Sound of Your Heart” . Song Joong Ki is taking his time off for a while, the star is also busy filming his new movie titled “Battleship Island”.