KMazing – Mark your calendar, and get ready to feel pleasure on your ear because Urban Zakapa is coming back. According to the agency Make Us Entertainment, The R & B Trio  is set to release their new song on May 19. The last time Urban Zakapa released their music was nine months ago except for their participation for flilling on television series soundtracks, in which they are excel at.

“The members are all geared up for the comeback that marks the first in 9 months, excluding contributions to drama soundtracks” – Representative of Make Us Entertainment

The agency also said that the comeback song will be the mixture of the musicality of the members and their emotion. the song will be emphasizing true colour of Urban Zakapa music. Urban Zakapa is chart-killer in the K-Pop Industry, every time the trio released their new song, it’s always going to be at the very top of various chart in South Korea. Last time, Urban Zakapa released collaboration track with rapper Beenzino titled “Thursday Night” and as soon as the song is released to the public, it climbed up all the way to the top of the chart.

If you are curios listener of K-Pop, maybe the name “Urban Zakapa” didn’t really ring the bell. Urban Zakapa is R&B singer-songwriter group formed in 2008 by Fluxus Music. Urban Zakapa used to be 9-member group but later in 2012 became trio consist of  Jo Hyun Ah, Park Yong In and Kwon Soon Il. The group’s name Urban Zakapa is an abbreviation for Urban, Zappy, Kaleidoscopic and Passionate.

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