Well, it was in early 2014, when i’m still addicted to K-POP music to the level that i don’t even know about outside music beside K-POP, i don’t know anything about Taylor Swift song (i only know that Taylor Swift maybe is the most popular singer in the world since my friends always talking about her and she often appears in  media), and i don’t even know music industry or the latest songs from my own country (Indonesia) anymore LOL.

Everyday i just went to college, study, eat, hang out with my friends, and then back to my boarding house to watch K-Drama, or watch variety shows like Running Man, WGM, etc.

And then one day in early 2014 i found a K-Drama “Can We Love” and again, its from JTBC.


I saw Eugene played as a lead female which made me really excited because she is extremely beautiful and one of my “most beautiful korean women”, eventhough she already married Ki Tae Young in 2011 (i’m okay with that.. Cuz i’m a true fan).

Eugene ahjumma in Can We Love

Eugene ahjumma in Can We Love

Eventhough she is an ahjumma she is pretty

Eventhough she is an ahjumma she is pretty

Okay back to the topic.

Without knowing about K-INDIE, i start to watch Can We Love. The drama is fine, eventhough not as good as Can We Get Married, i still like it cuz there is Eugene Ahjumma in the drama hahaha (my goodness this ahjumma is so beautiful).

And then in the end of every episode i heard this song :

This is the first time i heard this kind of music, i think its really unique, and somehow it makes me feel at ease everytime i hear it. Suddenly made me addicted already. I feel like I’m walking in the street town at night without any burden everytime i hear this song.

And then in the middle of drama i heard this song a couple of times :

What the..?? How can this music be so extremely addicting? This is clearly different from K-POP or K-Ballad which i always hear everyday. This music gives me a new feel.

And then i also heard these songs from the drama :

In the end, i’m not really amazed by the drama (oh right you can watch Can We Love drama here), but strangely i’m really inspired and stunned by the OST music. After i finished watching the drama i searched about Can We Love OST in forum and youtube cuz i still don’t know who are the singers of that OST.

And then i finally found that music is called K-Indie music or Korean Indie music. I found a new genre in korean music. I also found who are the singers. For the first and second video above (which are i like the most), the singer/group is called Ggot Jam Project.

After that moment i started to hear K-Indie music everyday and put it on my “everyday must hear music list” (which is only consists of Korean songs LOL) in my laptop. And i also searched for more K-Indie music in the internet in case i may found more great K-Indie songs.

The result is, i finally found various K-Indie songs from various K-Indie singers/groups like MilkTea, BeSweet, Raspberry Field, Tensi Love, Rocoberry, Morrie, Taru, Lalasweet, and many more.

each of them are very unique and amazing. Morrie, Taru and Lalasweet with their unique song and voice, Rocoberry and Raspberry Field with their music that can make you goosebump/shiver, MilkTea and BeSweet with their sweet songs. I think K-Indie is much more amazing than K-POP and K-Ballad, and its very very anti-mainstream (which is i like anti-mainstream things the most).

You can hear their songs in my “Best K-Indie Songs I’ve Ever Heard in My Life” article.

But, the most amazing thing is that i finally found the best singer i’ve ever know in my life until now.

And she is..

Lucia the best k-indie singer

She is LUCIA.

Have you heard about her before? I think no, cuz she is so underrated.

I think she is the goddess. I found her in the mid of 2014 when she was just released her new album “Light and Shade”. She has a very powerful and goddess like voice that makes me shivering really strong when i heard her song for the first time.

The conclusion is, Lucia is on top of my “best female korean singer ever” list. And i’m very very happy that i finally found her. Thank you internet!

You better see my “Top 16 Best K-Indie Songs of All Time” to hear their amazing songs. I’m sure you’ll have a goosebumps.

But after all, it depends on our personal taste. If you didn’t find their songs amazing, that means our taste are different, simple, and i’m okay with that. Everybody have their own preferences. I just tell you about my opinion here.

Really looking forward for your feedback about K-Indie, let me know your thoughts in comment below.

Let’s sharing!