Top 16 Best Korean Indie Songs

Hello everyone! After i told you the history about how i found K-Indie in previous post, and i started to hear K-Indie songs, searched various songs from the internet, now i will rank them based on my opinion.

I usually judge a song based on several factors, for example the most basic thing, is the song itself good-to-heard or not? Is the song boring? Because i really like songs that won’t make me bored in a short time, so the songs must be great and anti-mainstream, songs that make me want to hear again and again for a long time.

And the most important thing is, usually my favorite song is a song that can make me goosebumps. If there is a song that i hear for the first and gave me goosebumps, that means this song is “a must have song”.

And i’ll tell you that all of these songs are from female singer, because i dont like male singer (since i’m a guy), i just like watching beautiful girls more, and i feel more excited when i hear female voice rather than male voice (male voice usually has a low tone).

Okay lets get started.. Here are the best songs.

Milk Tea – Mr. chocolate, Ms. Orange

I start with Milk Tea, because their songs are pretty good and deserve to be in my best list. The vocalist has a sweet voice, but right now they’ve changed their vocalist, and now the vocalist’s voice is not as sweet as before, but has more powerful voice. Milk Tea released their latest album “RETURN” in March 2015 with their new vocalist.

This is their song from the previous vocalist (sweet voice and song)

Milk Tea – Mr. chocolate, Ms. Orange

Milk Tea – Then We

And this is their song from the current vocalist (more powerful voice)

Tensi Love – Love Beat

At first, Tensi Love have just 1 vocalists, but i think in 2013 (CMIIW) they’ve add another vocalist so right now they are a vocalist duo. Their song is great, check it out!

No. 14: Tensi Love – Love Beat

Besweet – Can’t Stop

Like their name, besweet has a sweet voice and song. Their music are relaxing and great. Even Kim Ha Neul was their model in Can’t stop MV. Eventhough she is already an ahjumma, she still very beautiful. Check their songs below.

No. 13: Besweet – Can’t Stop

Besweet – Words saying i’m sad

No. 12: Besweet – Words saying i’m sad

Fresh Girls – Song From Work

Going on to the next rank, i have Fresh Girls, Yes the group called Fresh Girls. Not only their face are fresh, but also their music and voice.

I found them not too long ago, around mid 2015, thanks to Youtube.

I think Fresh Girls have a type of music/song that will make you feel at ease. Anyway, its hard to describe it with words. You better hear it yourself.

Check their songs below.. So relaxing..

No. 11: Fresh Girls – Song From Work

I think the MV is not the full version, you can hear the full version here.

Fresh Girls – Hide and Seek

No. 10: Fresh Girls – Hide and Seek

Again, i think the MV is not the full version, you can hear the full version here.

Now we’re going to the top 9.. Get ready to get more goosebumps.

Ggotjam Project – Everyday

Ggotjam Project is the first K-Indie Group i know in my life. I found them when i watch “Can We Love”, a JTBC Drama in early 2014.

Their musics are really relaxing. Very suitable if you hear it at a cafe in the morning or at night. Check out below..

No. 9: Ggot Jam Project – Everyday

Ggotjam Project – Hey Boy

No. 8: Ggot Jam Project – Hey Boy

Lalasweet – Goodbye

Going on to the next rank, i have Lalasweet with their sweet voice. Their vocalist has a similar voice with Milk Tea, but i think Lalasweet has a unique kind of song. You better check them.

They have a lot of songs, you can check it yourself in Youtube, this is just my favorite song from Lalasweet.

No. 7: Lalasweet – Goodbye.

Morrie – Two Voices

Morrie has the most unique voice compared to other singers. I really shocked when the first time i hear her song. Her voice is like a little girl, very cute. She also sings a lot of English songs. Check out my favorite song from Morrie below.

No. 6: Morrie – Two Voices

Going on to the top 5..!! More amazing songs..!!


Taru – Tell Me

We are going on to the more chilling and shivering songs. At number 5, i have Taru. Yes, Taru’s song sometimes makes me shivering. And she also has a unique and sweet voice. Here’s her song.

No. 5: Taru – Tell Me

Raspberry Field – To Meet You First At My Own Accord

Okay, we are now in top 4, means the song is getting more awesome and chilling. Raspberry Field really caught my ear with their unique song “To Meet You First At My Own Accord”. I think this song is amazing because i’m hardly get bored by this song until now, and still always makes me chilling everytime i hear it.

Here’s the song..

No. 4: Raspberry Field – To Meet You First At My Own Accord

Rocoberry – I’m Fine

I choose Rocoberry as the 3rd rank, because their song is really amazing, especially “i’m fine” with its ballad music. I really like the combination between K-Indie and K-Ballad, the result is this song.

Check it out, one of the songs that made me chills really strong when the first time i hear it.

No.3: Rocoberry – I’m Fine

Finally.. The Best of The Best..

Runner Up : Lucia – One Person

1st and 2nd rank already booked by Lucia. Compared to others, for me Lucia is on a different level. She has a really powerful and unique voice, makes me think that maybe she is the best singer of all time that i ever know. A pure perfection.

When the first time i saw her MV in Youtube, i was just speechless and chilling really strong.

Anyway, here’s the runner up.

No.2: Lucia – One Person

First Place : Lucia – Be Mine

And next is the best of the best, the best K-Indie song i’ve ever heard in my life. A song that gives me the strongest goosebumps ever when i hear it for the first time. I’ll never forget the day i found this song, feels like i hear something that i never heard before, its just like a new discovery in my life. You have to check this out!

No.1 (The Best): Lucia – Be Mine

pheww.. Hows that? Are there your favorite songs in my list?

Anyway, this post is just about my own opinion and perspective. Maybe you won’t feel the same way as i did. Maybe you won’t get any goosebumps at all, or maybe you will have a stronger goosebumps that i had.

I’m really looking forward for your feedback and thoughts. If you have other songs that you think made you chilling but not on this list, share it with me.