I don’t know about you or other people, but man, i have to tell you that i’m so amazed with Can We Get Married. This drama is the first underrated drama i’ve seen in my life.

And this was also the first JTBC drama i saw, then i started to watch other JTBC dramas because i believe JTBC would airs another great drama since i was so impressed with Can We Get Married.


And that proven, JTBC then airs another great dramas like Cruel City Undercover (2013), Can We Love (2014), etc. Even i watched Padam Padam after this drama (LOL consider Padam Padam is in 2011).

After this period, i’m finally aware that beside JTBC, Korea also has several paid channels like TvN, OCN, MBN, A Channel, etc.

Well, back to the CWGM drama.

How i found this drama?

Hmm.. I just randomly click this drama in a drama forum, after i know that the lead female is Jung So Min, which is so cute and adorable, also i remember that she played in Playfull Kiss back in 2010, eventhough i haven’t watch it at that time (i watched Playfull Kiss way after CWGM). So i decided to watch this drama.


Can We Get Married 2012 Drama Review

I found CWGM really different from many dramas i’ve ever watch, not too many cliches, straight to the point, light and simple. Everytime i watch this drama i feel like i have no burden. This drama also shows me the daily life of Korean people which is makes me love Korea more.

Oh right i also found this drama has no dramatic slow motion like any mainstream dramas that makes me feel bored. This thing makes CWGM different from other dramas i’ve ever seen.


Can We Get Married Casts

Can We Get Married Casts

This is the first time i see Jung So Min, Sung Joon, and Han Groo playing drama. I’ve seen Kim Young Kwang before in Love Rain.

I found Han Groo really beautiful and sexy, i also very happy when i know she would play Marriage Not Dating 2 years later in 2014 which is she was the lead female and i really enjoyed watching her there.


The synopsis/plot of this drama is simple. Jung Hoon (Sung Joon) and Hye yoon (Jung So Min) are couple who want to get married. They’re facing a lot of things just to get married.


Here is the trailer of Can We Get Married :


If you asking about romance, this drama is the right thing. CWGM will give you a lot of romantic scenes and also you’ll find a lot of realities in daily life that most couples usually face.

The chemistry of Jung Hoon and Hye Yoon couple is very strong in this drama. Moreover, i fell in love with Hye Yoon and always want to have a girlfriend like her (since i’m a guy), because she is freaking cute and adorable.


Jung Hoon and Hye Young sweet scene.


Jung Hoon and Hye Young fighting.


Best drama couple of all time



Hye Young cut her hair


Beside Jung Hoon and Hye Yoon couple, there is also Dong Bi and Ki Joong Couple. They are cute, but they just have a few scenes since they are not the lead role. Many people said that they like Dong bi and Ki Joong couple more, but for me Jung Hoon and Hye Yoon still the best couple.


Dong Bi and Ki Joong couple


So, if you are romance seeker who want to watch a simple and light drama, i highly recommend you to watch CWGM.

You can watch Can We Get Married here.

Have you watched CWGM? Let me know your thoughts in comment below.