KMazing – In life sometimes you just want to unwind everything and shout it out loud. Well, if you shout out loud and express your emotion in public you might in trouble or if you shout too loud even cry out loud will make your parent confused. Relax, here at KMazing we kinda thought this scenario where you need to cry but you don’t have the material to do so. Here are three tears-guaranteed drama that will make you cry.

1. Kill Me Heal Me

This is a psychological rom-com about a man who has seven different personalities (Cha Do-hyun) and meets a psychiatrist (Oh Ri-jin). Do-hyun asks Ri-jin’s help to heal himself from those personalities. They do not realize that they both have a traumatic past. Ri-jin has trauma to basement but she doesn’t know why. We also know that Do-hyun as a child is often beaten by his father if he does not listen to his words. One day, a rough personality was born from his father’s attitude, Shin Se-gi, who despite being rude never hurt children and women. This drama flashback story is very touching and sad to watch. The depth of the Kill Me Heal Me story deserves two thumbs up.

2. Goblin

This one must be on the list. This is a fantasy romantic-comedy about a goblin who is looking for his goblin bride and a death angel who can not remember his past. After 939 years passed, the goblin finally found his bride. They fall in love and because the goblin already has someone he loves, he does not want to go back to ashes and feels scared. As the story develops, we will know who the angel of death is. The girl he loves today is the same girl he once commanded to be killed in the past. He is king in the past and Sunny is his queen. Their story will lead to the most tragic ending that surely makes your heart shattered to pieces.

3. Fated to Love You

Fated to Love is a romantic comedy series about Lee Gun and Kim Mi-young. Telling the story of two not related people who accidentally slept together until Mi-young is pregnant. After knowing that, Lee Gun wants to be responsible and they get married. They marry without love because they are not the same stranger who is entangled in bad luck. Over time, they become more intimate, especially when Mi-young’s stomach grows bigger. An unfortunate incident happened to Mi-young. After a fight with Lee Gun, she crossed the highway and was hit by a car. She was rushed to the hospital, but Lee Gun had to choose whether to save his wife or child, and he then chose his wife. Their marriage is broken and they live their own lives.