KMazing – If you hear the name Cheon Soo-yeon, maybe people will frown and confused. Who is she? But if we recall Song Ji-hyo, then people will know her right away! Yes, who doesn’t know this beautiful, funny, yet elegant Korean actress. Se is best known to viewers as a variety show star in Running Man and a number of popular dramas. Women born in Pohang, August 15, 1981, is also often took some part in movies. But today we will inspect more about her small screen work. Here we go.

1. Princess Hours (2006)

Princess Hours is not Song Ji-hyo’s first drama. Her first drama was Age of Innocence where she played a cameo four years earlier. But Princess Hours is the first mainstream drama that took her as the main character. At that time, Ji-hyo is accompanied by a row of young Korean actors who are both at the beginning of their careers, namely Yoon Eun-hye, Ju Ji-hoon, and Kim Jeong-hoon. The drama reached a peak rating of 28.3% and is very popular in the Asian region. The story focuses on Korea’s modern royal prince Lee Shin, with his beautiful new fiance, Shin Chae-kyeong.

2. Jumong (2006)

During the same year, Song Ji-hyo returned to play on a big project as one of the main characters, this time in a colossal drama along 81 episodes that was so booming. Because of its popularity, MBC decided to extend its original episode from 60 to 81. This drama is inspired by the true story of the founder of the Goguryeo empire, Jumong, whose stories largely contain fictional elements. The drama starring Song Il-gook as Jumong’s star grabs a spectacular rating from start to finish and Ji-hyo gets Best New Actress (TV) from the Baeksang Arts Awards.

3. Detectives in Trouble (2011)

Song Ji-hyo made a comeback after a five-year absence from post-Jumong drama. At that time she was focusing on her acting on the big screen. She returns to accompany Song Il-gook in this live-themed police drama. Based on a true story, Detectives in Trouble highlights the story of a group of detectives at Seoul’s Gangnam police crime division who used to solve case with their various investigative skills and methods. Song Ji-hyo plays Jo Min-joo, a temperamental reporter who works for a news website.