KMazing – Ghost Doctor is the first new Korean drama that will be entertaining us in 2022. The television series stars Rain, Kim Bum, and many others. Here’s a synopsis and profiles of the cast!

Synopsis Ghost Doctor KDrama

This Korean drama that adopts a medical genre tells the story of 2 medical personnel who have very different characters. Not only their characters, skills, and backgrounds of the two are also contradictory.

The story to be told is that Cha Young Min (Rain) is a genius surgeon who is very adept at saving his patients. However, he has an arrogant and selfish nature. On the other hand, Go Seung Tak, played by Kim Bum is a resident doctor who was born into a wealthy family.

The grandfather of Seung Tak was the founder of the hospital while his mother was the chairman of the hospital foundation where he worked. He is known as a very smart student.

However, his intelligence in terms of medical theory is not matched by practice in the field. Simply put, he doesn’t have the ability and gut to do almost anything regarding handling patients.

Out of nowhere, Young Min got into a traffic accident. His spirit is separated from his body. Luckily, his spirit then joined Go Seung Tak’s body. After that, the two became entangled with each other. They also face many interesting and funny circumstances because of their conflicting personalities.


The Cast of Ghost Doctor KDrama

Rain will be Cha Young Min, the main character in the Ghost Doctor KDrama. Young Min has a selfish and arrogant nature.

Ghost Doctor is marking Rain’s comeback to television drama after almost 3 years of hiatus. The last project that the popstar was attending is a role in Welcome 2 Life in 2019.


Kim Bum
Kim Bum will play Go Seung Tak. He is a resident doctor who was born into a wealthy family.

Kim Bum is a South Korean actor who is famous for Boys Over Flowers, where he was cast along with Lee Min Ho.


Uee will play a character named Jang Se Jin in the Ghost Doctor. Just like Rain, Ghost Doctor has also become Uee’s comeback moment on the small screen.

The actress who first entered the entertainment ring by being a member of a girl group played a role in the drama titled My Only One which aired from 2018 to 2019.


Son Na Eun
Son Na Eun will play Oh Soo Joon. Just like Uee, she was first publicly known through her debut as an idol under Apink.

Wanting to take part further in the industry, Na Eun then debuted as an actress in 2012. Due to her immense popularity, Na Eun played on both the small and silver screen in the same year as her debut.