KMazing – Tracer KDrama will officially air starting on Friday, January 7, 2022. The television series will replace The Red Sleeve which officially ended last week. If you happen to love Korean dramas with the mystery, detective or investigation genre, then Tracer can be an interesting recommendation.

Synopsis of Tracer KDrama

This mystery Korean drama tells the story of Hwang Dong Joo (Im Si Wan) who works as the manager of the Seoul regional investigation bureau team.

He and Seo Hye Young (Ko Ah Sung) will work together and track down the money hidden by the tax service office. Both of them move on orders and directions from Oh Young (Park Yong Woo).

On the other hand, In Tae Joon (Son Hyun Joo) is the director of the local tax office. He is a very ambitious man.

Before deciding to become a manager, Hwang Dong Joo was a highly skilled accountant. He manages the secret funds of large companies sufficiently. However, behind his charisma and good manners, he often acts beyond reason.

Cast of Tracer KDrama

Im Si Wan
Im Si Wan will play Hwang Dong Ju. Not only known as an actor, but Im Si Wan is also famous as a member of the idol group ZE:A.

Apart from appearing on the small screen, Im Si Wan has also taken part in various film titles such as Stolen Identity and The Merciless.

Ko Ah Sung
Ko Ah Sung will play Seo Hye Young. Apart from entertaining the audience on the television, Ko Ah Sung also tends to be more active on the silver screen. Some of the famous films that she has starred in are The King, A Resistance, A Melody to Remember and so on.

Park Yong Woo

Park Yong Woo will play Oh Young in the television series. Just like Ko Ah Sung, Young Woo is also more active on the movie compared to the television series. Some of the films he has starred in are The Decision to Break Up, Spirit Walker and Nailed.

Son Hyun Joo
This veteran actor will play the role of In Tae Joon in the Korean drama Tracer. Son Hyun Joo is a figure who has already accumulated lots of experience in the South Korean entertainment background. Famous dramas that he starred in are The Good Detective, Criminal Minds, and Itaewon Class.