KMazing – Korean drama will never exist without the presence of female lead characters ! They are the very first thing – beside the male lead – that the prospective audience is looking for before deciding to watch a drama. If usually female lead is beautiful figure like a Barbie with gentle and almost always a victim, these female leads following different path. Who are they ? Check this out.

1. Kim Hye Jin – She Was Pretty

Kim Hye-jin’s reason for entering this list is clear: she’s so different! When he was younger he was known as a beautiful princess, but after growing up she changed drastically to the point that people did not recognize her anymore, including his first love! But she is a loyal and trustworthy friend who cares for others more than herself.

2. Byun Hye-young – My Father Is Strange

Byun Hye-young is a stubborn woman and is not afraid to voice her dissatisfied feeling. She is a lawyer who already feels the pain of life to be where she is now. She can always make the audience laugh with her behavior and the other thing is she is also pretty.

3. Choi Ae-ra – Fight for My Way

Choi Ae-ra is super funny. She may not be the ideal female lead type, but she is an awesome figure to watch. She’s not afraid of hitting someone or damaging someone else’s car even though she knows what the risks are. She is adorable while doing her aegyo. Her life is full of up and down, but she always thinks ahead.

4. Kim Bok-joo – Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

Kim Bok-joo is a fun character who can be a good friend to anyone. She is a lifter as stated in the drama title. Bok-joo is different from most girls her age because she is into unique sports. She does not give up easily, but still she have a soft side like other women.