KMazing – Due to the happening news of breaking up between Lee Minho and Bae Suzy, it’s not right for us to show only Lee Min Ho’s last 4 work and let go Bae Suzy. Suzy is the current Hallyu Wave icon. As an all-around entertainer, Suzy has long been a singer, actress, and model and is still busy becoming an endorser, performing on TV, and hosting various exciting shows with fans. At the age of 23, Suzy is already at the peak of her popularity. When the K-Pop idol of his age may have begun to fade away, Suzy has shone brightly through all that she built since the first time. Speaking of acting projects, here are the best movie and drama series ever starred by this Miss A member.

7. Dream High

Suzy’s first acting role is not far from her profession as an idol and singer. Dream High is the best musical drama of this generation. The drama has spawned many famous actors besides Suzy, among them Kim Soo-hyun, IU, and Ok Taec-yeon. Korean teens are so fond of this drama until a special episode in which the performers perform on the Dream High Special Concert stage that is broadcast the day after the drama ends. This drama tells the struggle of Kirin school students to become K-Pop stars.

6. Architecture 101

Suzy’s debut is steadily grows up following her success on the silver screen through a romantic film, Architecture 101. She plays the main character of Yang Seo-yeon in the past as a teenager, where she is paired with Lee Je-hoon, -min in the past. The adult version of each character is played by Han Ga-in and Uhm Tae-woong. This is a love story of young people who meet and fall in love in an architectural class then continues in the future.

5. Big 

After Dream High, Suzy only got cameo roles because at that time her girlband, miss A, was super busy with their album. In mid-2012, she comeback to the screen in a drama by the two-star Hallyu, Gong Yoo and Lee Min-jung. This is the story of two men who switched bodies after they had a traffic accident and one of them died on the spot.

4.  Gu Family Book

Suzy and Lee Seung-gi’s acting gained wide appreciation in Gu Family Book, the first colossal drama by Suzy. She acts as a swordsman, martial artist, and arrow master named Dam Yeo-wool, who is the daughter of a swordsman. She meets up with Kang-chi, a half-gumiho human figure whose gumiho’s father had been killed by Yeo-wool’s father. How does Kang-chi react when he knows the painful secret of the past?

3. The Sound of a Flower

Suzy returns to the big screen, this time she starred in a colossal drama with Ryu Seung-ryong. Her character, Jin Chae-seon, is a real character who lived in the Joseon era as Joseon’s first Pansori singer. At that time, women were forbidden to sing in public. Chae-seon was willing to bet her life by posing as a male to keep singing. This film leads Suzy won the Most Popular Actress (Film) award at the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards.

2. Uncontrollably Fond

During these years, Suzy’s girlband, miss A, began to fade and threatened to breakup. That’s why she can have more free time to pursue her acting time, this time in a tragic melodrama that she starred with Kim Woo-bin. Their characters are the pair of lovers in the past, namely Shin Joon-young and Noh Eul. They are separated, but as adults they meet again with different status. Joon-young becomes a top artist, while Noh Eul is just a hard-working documentary director. Are the seeds of love still there between them? And how did Noul Eul react when she found out that Joon-young was seriously ill?

1. While You Were Sleeping

Suzy’s latest drama is highly anticipated by K-Drama lovers because she is paired with best friend of Kim Woo-bin who is also a Hallyu superstar, Lee Jong-suk. With the upcoming director and screenwriter present in the drama, While You Were Sleeping promises a quality story. Suzy plays Nam Hong-joo, the girl who can see havoc in the future through her dream. The catastrophe had to be prevented before it happened, and young prosecutor Jung Jae-chan was the one who had to do it.