KMazing – Some time ago, Lee Min Ho’s fandom and South Korean society let go of Lee Min-ho, their idol worshiper who was due to do his military service. Practically this handsome actor will disappear from the entertainment world for more than two years, a quiet long tim for his fans. Before joining the military, the man who was born on 22 June 1987 completed several projects, such as movies, TV dramas, and web series. It was all the last project and the farewell work from him, at least for a while.

4. Gangnam Blues

Gangnam Blues is Lee Min-ho’s inaugural film in seven years after Our School’s E.T., as well as the first film that made him the lead male actor. The gangster-themed film is full of violence and Lee Min-ho is clearly able to show very solid acting, like when he used to play in City Hunter drama. The antagonist character is is also huge actor, namely Kim Rae-won. They serve as two poor young men who live their respective fate in a cruel gangster world.

3. Bounty Hunters

This is a comedy skit action game with the combination of production in Korea, China and Hong Kong. Lee Min-ho competes acting with foreign artists such as Wallace Chung, Tiffany Tang, and others. He plays a martial artist named San, who along with Yo investigators worked as a leased bodyguard. But they were not very successful after they came out as members of Interpol a year ago. When caught in a difficult situation created by terrorists, they have to clear their names as well as hunt down the bombers.

2. First Seven Kisses

Lee Min-ho became the last superstar to star in this star-studded drama. First Seven Kisses produced by Lotte Duty Free and broadcast on YouTube as well as Naver TV Cast. Seven hot male actors perform with their respective names in each episode, where they will meet the main female character Min Soo-jin, played by Lee Cho-hee. Lee Min-ho plays a free-spirited travel writer. He appeared in the final episode, episode 8.

1. The Legend of the Blue Sea

Lee Min-ho’s comeback to the television screen finally came ahead of his conscription call. Unmitigated, he was plotted to accompany the goddess of Hallyu Jun Ji-hyun in a fantasy drama that combines colossal and contemporary stories. Lee Min-ho plays Heo Joon-jae, the son of a wealthy businessman who actually works as a deceiver after his parents divorced. Joon-jae will meet with Shim Cheong, a mermaid from the past. Their story will coincide with the parallel story of their incarnation in the Joseon era, namely as the head of Kim Dam-ryeong and mermaid Se-hwa.