KMazing – Korean drama has become increasingly diverse, and in recent years we have been introduced to a short drama format broadcast by Naver TVCAST or YouTube, the drama aka mini drama. The characteristic of this one drama is that they have number of short episodes and the duration of each episode is consequently shorter than the usual drama. Viewers will not be bored with long and verbose storytelling, but straight to the point. We’ll talk about the latest web drama, here is a list of several title that you must watch. Let’s Go !

6. Seven First Kisses

Broadcasting by the end of 2016, Seven First Kisses finished it’s run in the early 2017. This drama is sensational for bringing in a row of Korean hot actors in every episode. They are Lee Joon-gi, Park Hae-jin, Ji Chang-wook, Kai, Taecyeon, Lee Jong-suk and Lee Min-ho, respectively. Superb isn;t it? This is a true love search story through the first kiss … of the seven men!

5. Ruby Ruby Love

In this drama, Seohyun took the role of Ruby Lee, a beautiful girl who is gifted in jewelry, but has a social anxiety disorder that makes her more comfortable staying at home rather than gig out. Lucky for Ruby, she has one loyal friend, Won-suk, who will help her achieve her dream. Interestingly again, this web drama will also photograph the conflict of unique love triangle story.

4.  The Universe’s Star

This is the second web drama of the Three Color Fantasy series. Starring EXO Suho and Ji Woo, this drama tells a love story between a singer and songwriter with a girl who became an angel of death after being killed by accident. EXO fans are required to watch it because this will be Suho’s solo performance that previously featured in Naver EXO Next Door drama.

3. Trace of the Hand

Based on the same-titled webtoon, this is the first drama of the three-season drama series. The series opens with the question, is there any application to get the woman we like? Kim Hong-sik knows the answer, because he found a unique application called T-Scope to read other people’s secret messages. Can he use it to hook her idol, Park Min-young?

2. Romance Full of Life

The second drama of the Three Color Fantasy series tells the story of the struggle of a young man named So In-sung who has been preparing for the police entrance test in the last four years, but he has failed eight times. Even so, In-sung still has a positive spirit until he then proposes to get a unique job called “Experiment Full of Life.”

1. Queen of the Ring

The last of Three Color Fantasy cover drama featuring Kim Seul-gi and Ahn Hyo-seop. Mo Nan-hee feels she’s not pretty and that has affected her character. But when she gets a mysterious ring, Park Se-gun, the handsome and cold-blooded man, suddenly attracted to Nan-hee and even calls her a beautiful ideal woman. Then how far will the influence of the ring?