Jo Jung Suk definitely one the prominent name in the industry of K-Drama. He is also on our list of the highest paid Korean actor. Recently, the actor held his first ever Fan Meeting at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall. Jo Jung Suk shared many things during the fan meeting but the highlight goes to the moment where he answered his favorite kissing partner. The actor shyly answered “I think it would probably be the one people talk about a lot, Pyo Na Ri (Gong Hyo Jin) from ‘Jealousy Incarnate’.


Later on the actor revealed his upcoming projects including his new movie and drama, the movie will be titled “Drug King” and for drama, the actor is seriously considering to be doing another drama this year but he is still not decided on the project yet. Jo Jung Suk also wishes for good result for his upcoming project stating that he hope he can sell more than 10 million ticket on the film and reaching minimal 20% ratings for his imminent drama. He also admitted that he does care about people reception on his work through the rating of his drama.

“I care because, aside from the fact that I really do my best in each project, the ratings reflect the viewers’ choice. I feel confident in the process of working on a production, but the end results are out of my hands.”



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