KMazing – Seeing the various characters played by Park Hae Jin, fans can hardly guess how the original personality of the actor. But in his latest interview, the star in series Man to Man was revealed his original personality, the style he has while dating and marriage target of the star. According to his confession, the 34-year-old actor feels more like ahjumma (middle-aged woman) because of his habit of rnagging to other people. One of the victims of his habis was his older sister.

“My personality is like an ahjumma’s (middle-aged woman). I nag a lot, especially to my older sister. She says she’ll listen to me but I’m never satisfied.”

Park Hae Jin also confessed that he got 100 % rate in asking out woman that he loves. Well it might be his visual you might say but Hae Jin said that he rarely use his visual rather he used his other good trait. He also shared his marriage target which is before 40,  quite average for South Korean citizen.

“100%. Because I’m not the type to take initiative and directly ask someone out on a date, I hover around her until everything works out. My success rate is 100% because I’m quite persistent, “

“However, I don’t want to have children right away. I’m currently living with my sister’s family so I look after my niece during my free time. Raising children is tough. It gets crazy when they run around the house,”