KMazing – Plain vampire is boring, but vampire themed drama remake and rethink by K-Drama industry is very good and enchanting, tho sometimes the series get less attention from the public than it usually deserved. The combination of vampire which is western originated fable mix with Korean cinematography will clearly provide something rather fresh for the viewer. Here we go !

3. Orange Marmalade

A fantasy world in which humans and vampires live side by side, but vampires have now grown and no longer rely on human blood as food. The vampires every day are scared because they are discriminated against by humans, causing many of them to hide their true nature and live as normal human beings.

Baek Ma-ri {Kim Seolhyun) is a teenage girl who tries to hide her true identity as a vampire. Frequently expelled from some of her neighborhoods, she now decided to stay in a new city and live in peace. But things change when she accidentally bite Jung Jae-min’s neck (Yeo Jin-goo). The most popular student in her high school.

2. Scholar Who Walks the Night

In the Joseon Dynasty. Jo Yang-sun is the daughter of a noble who lost her family when her father was considered treasonous. To meet the needs. Yang-sun changes her appearance into a book-selling man, and meets a handsome and mysterious Kim Sung-yeol. Who works in Hongmungwan.

Sung-yeol is a vampire who continues to haunt the death of his first love Lee Myung-hee. Especially when he meets up with Myung-hee. Daughter of a nobleman. Meanwhile. The evil of the Gwi vampire in the royal court continues, he uses his power and political intrigue to prevent the Crown Prince ascending to the throne.

1. Vampire Detective

Yoon San is a detective who suddenly turns into a vampire while taking his time off work. To his clients, Yoon San convinces them that he is able to solve the problem quickly and easily. On the other hand, Yoon San seeks to unveil the secrets of his past that have not been revealed.