KMazing – Not all of us enjoy the romantic edgy feeling while watching K-Drama, some people just want to be action involved or even war involved. K-Drama industry with all their effort also provide this kind of theme to be uplifted and produced as television series. Here are our three recommended Military or War theme series. Since Descendants of the Sun is already hugely famous, I will not include them on this list.

3. Road Number One

The drama revolves around the Korean War around the 50s (also in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Korean war).

Road No.1 is a drama about the military cadets who must participate in a sudden erupting war, and must fight to survive from the attack from the enemies. The title of Road no.1 comes from the name of national road No.1 which was used as a main street in 1950 during the Korean War rupture.

This road extends from North to Seoul and from South to Pyeongyang. In the drama, this street is also a symbol that means the hero meets the troops he defeated and fought for victory. The drama was directed by Kim Jin Min and the plot was crafted by Han Ji Hoon (blockbuster movie writer Taegukgi).

2. Legend of the Patriots

Comrades were made as a form of commemoration for the merits of soldiers who gave their lives during the Korean War between 1950 and 1953. Lee Hyun Joong (played by Choi Soo Jong), the team commander and veteran of war who dedicated his life to protect the soldiers who served under his command, although he looked tired. Once, he had the chance to meet Lee Soo Kyung (played by Lee Tae Ran) in the battlefield and it evoked his past romantic memories. Unfortunately, Lee Soo Kyung is now a lieutenant of the North Korean army.

1. King 2 Hearts

Taking background on modern-day Korean fictional constitutional monarchy of the Joseon Dynasty (Chosun), Lee Jae-ha (Lee Seung-gi) is a young and handsome but materialistic prince and does not care about politics. Not only that Jae-ha is trying to figure out a way that he will not have to ascend the throne to replace his brother, King Jae-kang (Lee Sung-min). Upset to see Jae-ha still being immature, finally King Jae-kang tricked him into joining a joint military training in South Korea and North Korea in hopes of getting a lesson to be responsible for his life.