Korean entertainment has been filled out our entertainment program to spare our free time. It turned out, South Korea is full of talented artists which then deliver great Korean music and dramas. It is so much popular that South Korea has produced many of beautiful Korean dramas or we can make it short to Kdrama. South Korea apparently knows how to make TV drama looks more appealing and more emotional. Kdramas are listed with numerous TV drama genres. Kdramas are consisted of drama romantic, deep sad drama, crime, thrill, and comedy. This will discuss about the best Kdrama on Netflix.


Romance all over

Kdramas are famous for its tearing and emotional romance. Somehow, Kdramas just can take our emotion to its very edge. “Descendants of the Sun” is one of the sweet romantic dramas that own touchy effect. With the background of military setting, this top-notch Kdrama lets you to embrace the complicated love story between two lovely characters which are a military captain and an army doctor. Winning several awards in Asia, this Kdrama can be your choice when you are going to watch something with huge and deep romance with tense military adventures. The popularity of this drama seemingly has been elevated quickly thus it has multiple translated editions. Nevertheless, you can search for this best Kdrama on Netflix. Furthermore, there is also this beautiful Kdrama that you can find on Netflix. Moving forward from military background drama, “Heaven’s Garden” is 2016 Kdrama with the setting of South Korean traditional values. Unlike the previous lovebird drama, “Heaven’s Garden” offers you deeper emotions in family relationships. This drama comes with the story of a daughter that having married without her parents’ approval. Later on, her husband is jailed due to serious crime. It is her decision whether she will apologizes to her parents and take her daughters back to her parents’ house or not.



Give a pace to action

As it already said before that Kdrama is not only consisted of romance but also action, crime, and thriller. “Strange” that also known as “Forest of Secrets” is a criminal investigations TV drama released in 2017. In this mysterious and corrupt life, two strong characters are trying to solve multiple murder cases with their brilliant ability. This criminal best Kdrama on Netflix serves you with tense crime plot and great actors. It is such fortunate that Netflix is airing this thriller and crime worldwide thus we can enjoy South Korean actors playing role in this serious and intense TV drama. Another Kdrama on Netflix that will give you fast-paced action drama would be “Man to Man”. ”Man to Man” was released in the same year as “Stranger”. If in the US we are familiar with James Bond as the master of action agent, well South Korean apparently has also energetic and juicy action TV drama called “Man to Man”. A secret agent which highly skilful and brilliant is living the undercover life as the bodyguard of moody celebrity. This action drama is completed with a little intrigued romance and good humour to balance the intense crime story. Park Hae-jin and Park Sung-woong were playing big roles here.