KMazing – I am not that into the type of drama that took family politics as the main theme but if you are asked what is the most highly-rated Korean drama this year, surely you will agree that Sky Castle is still unbeatable right now.


The drama tells about the luxurious life of parents in an elite area called Sky Castle wherein providing the best education for children, they experience quite complex conflicts. These parents have great ambitions for the success of their children so that they sometimes do everything they can to make it happen. So, do not be surprised that at the end of each episode it always successfully create another sea of emotions and invites curiosity for the next episode.

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Not only does the drama genre make Sky Castle interesting, one of the other reasons why the drama managed to attract audiences was also due to the presence of famous casts that are taking part in it. The stunning cast including Yum Jung Ah, Yoon Se Ah, Lee Tae Ran, Kim Seo Hyung, and Oh Na Ra.

credit: Kumparan

Not only that but the support of a lot of famous celebrities who openly promoted the drama definitely attracted many parties. They are also busy posting their activities while watching the drama so that it will definitely make their fans got more curious to watch it.

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South Korea is known to be very fond of drama with family themes. In fact, it is no longer a secret that if any drama with this genre comes up, it will definitely be in the spotlight, especially if it is aired on weekends. This is probably because the story with this theme is a story that is seen in everyday life that is usually lived by most people and very close to the lives of the audience. In addition to that, the moral message coming from the family genre drama is also highly appreciated by audiences of all ages.

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Sky Castle is highly recommended to be watched all gender and ages. Besides the interesting story and plot, this drama provides us with a very helpful moral message. Surely the drama will drain the emotions of the audience plus the scenes that aired at the end of the episode will always attract the audience’s curiosity. The 20-episode JTBC production drama has a long and solid conflict that is guaranteed to make you feels the rollercoaster of emotion.

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Well, because of this complicated conflict and stunning cinematography, Sky Castle won the highest rating in Cable TV history and beat other phenomenal dramas such as Reply 1988, Goblin and Mr. Sunshine. Now for those of you who are already curious about this drama, go on and give it a go!