KMazing – June is the month of “happiness” – see what I did there – for Reveluv because of the girl group if SM Entertainment is releasing their new album – EP – titled “The ReVe Festival”. It is conceivable, the comeback of the group with Irene, Joy, Seulgi, Wendy, and Yeri was a great success. This was marked by the number of viewers in the “Zimzalabim” MV which was launched at 6 pm Korean time.

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‘The ReVe Festival’ EP Track List

For the tracklist, The ReVe Festival contains 6 tracks, namely:

The song whose MV was released and immediately attracted many of these audiences was indeed very ear-catching. The reason is, if you are used to the unique vibe and music genre of Red Velvet, then it can be sure that you will fall in love with this particular song. The changing of the beat is rapid, it might sound too experimental for Red Velvet but the members did a very good job in jolting the song.

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Sunny Side Up!
If you listen to Sunny Side Up, then you will be able to feel the R & B vibe from this song. This track one is also rich in vocal strength and a blend of melodies that are very worth to listen to. I just love how the song starts easy and kinda slow and peak at the chorus.

The vibe on this song is almost the same as Sunny Side Up. Many people think that the Milkshake will be a retro type song, but it turns out this song is quite thick with R & B. If you like how groovy vocals and upbeat music are combined, then surely you will find the Milkshake very cool and classy.

Bing Bing
The song that has Korean title 친구 가 아냐 is arguably more energetic. It sounds like the usual song you will expect from Red Velvet. Bing Bing also push the vocal abilities of Red Velvet members to the truly outstanding level.

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The clap might sound too oldish for an intro of 2019’s song but the song that has title 안녕, 여름 are very fun and colorful. If you like songs that are typical of young people, then Parade is the right choice. The most important part of the song is when all of the members sing together and their voices combine. It’s great to listen to!

It’s not Red Velvet if they don’t portray perfect vocals. Whatever need be, slow and fast tempo, full of energy or singing harmoniously, Red Velvet can always bulldoze everything. LP is that kinda side-B song that actually can be left off the album but the existence can also portray Red Velvet’s vocal abilities which are perfect.