KMazing – It’s already July and the updates on the best and funniest Running Man episodes of 2019 is a must on our list. The super famous variety show might not get the highest rating in its home country but still is the most loved South Korean variety show ever. It’s true that the shape of the games and race is changing as the cast is getting older but the interaction and the new format which includes mini talk show during the opening is still quite working – at least for me. Here are our choices of the best and funniest Running Man episodes of 2019. Do leave your comment if you think there is an episode that needs to be added on this list. Ciao!

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Running Man Episode 433

Running Man’s first hilarious episode that we will discuss on our list is episode 433 which aired at the beginning of the year 2019. The comedy can be seen from the start when Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin came in wearing black costumes filled with pig dolls. The costume was the punishment they have to accept for losing the game in the previous episode of Running Man. This episode of 433 has a unique theme where the members have to finish all the mission to reach the highest level. To reach the highest level, the members were given several challenges that they must be overcome, namely looking for ingredients to make rice cake soup.

One of the hilarious games that still crack me up is when the members of Running Man need to collaborate in order to accomplish the mission of throwing a tire with their buttocks. One by one the members have to fly tires with their buttocks. If the total distance is more than 10 meters, one of the locations of the material will be revealed. The game starts with So Min. She tried to push the tire with her butt but failed and instead tumbled backward and trigger the laughter of the other members.

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Running Man Episode 437

ON episode 437, Running Man welcome the main cast of Haechi, namely Go Ara, Jung Il Woo, Kwon Yul, and Park Hoon. The objective of the race is to find the real king. Two Running Man members and a guest star claimed that they were the real king. The task of the other members is to find out who is the real king and who is a traitor for the sake of peace. To find out this, the first game they need to accomplish to win the race of “Fold your fingers”.

The team which is divided into three groups must ask questions and if the answer is Yes, then one finger must be folded. The funniest and most exciting session in the Folding Finger game is the karaoke game. Each team needs to sing together and try to get the highest score. That’s when the other team members tried to disturb the opposing team so that the high score will not be achieved.

Funniest Running Man Episodes : Episode 438

On this episode, the Running Man member needs to determine the winning team and the losing team. Later the winning team will get the holiday reward. The race is called La La Land which is divided into three rounds. The funny act of the cast member can be seen since the first round where they have to guess what is in the game Yut.

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The team that manages to answer the most will win, while the losing team will be punished in the form of a blow from a plastic hammer. The game got more chaotic when one person managed to answer and then provoked another team, such as when Lee Kwang Soo who accidentally answered correctly on the first try and tried to taunt Ji Hyo’s team.

Running Man Episode 439

This week Running Man was divided into two teams to take on various fun games, namely the Jaesuk and Jungkook teams. They will move around to enjoy a variety of delicious Korean dishes and meet special friends. The theme took the shape of Cutting the Opponent Cable. There are 5 cables connected to the bomb and one of them will explode if it is cut off incorrectly.

The members have to pass various missions to get clues which cables to cut. In order to determine which team can leave and go to their first choice restaurant, they must play a simple game. There are 30 eggs, one of which is raw, then the members must crack it one by one. Teams whose members break the raw eggs mean they have to go second. And you will know who was the one that did crack the raw egg right?

Running Man Episode 442

Episode 442 has three guest stars that is been widely known to the public. They are Hong Jin Young, Han Da Geum, and Keum Sae Rok who will play various games which usually play during the membership training. The mission of the game this time is to find out the identity of who repeats students who try to hide and finish his mission on each round.

The funniest moment for me is during the second round when they have to play Volleyball. Because the ball that is being used is too large, it will automatically be difficult to bounce and of course, will be harder to control. When Kwang Soo made his first serve, the ball failed to cross the net and ended with a point deduction. Unlucky fate for his team does not end there as Kwang Soo failed to receive the serve from his opponents.

Running Man Episode 445& 446

Episode 446 has a special mission to capture secret couples with special guest stars, namely Bona WJSN, Jang Hae Jin, and Kim Jae Young. After they were divided into three teams, they went to eat to the restaurant and then finished the first game called Heaven For Bujang and Hell For Couples.

The way this game is played is that each team will be given a question and those who cannot answer will have their basin filled with water. A fully filled basin will eliminate the owner, while the two losers will be punished with water. The quiz game ended with the defeat of the Jongkook team and two of its members were exposed to water.

The race was so funny that it got continued into the next episode as the task to meet and recruit university student that will play the three-way tugging rope which of course will give the winner the clue needed to find the secret couple. Episode 446 also became the start of the Somin’s birthday race.

Running Man Episode 447

Episode 447 is a continuation of So Min’s birthday last week. After they ate at a fancy restaurant, now she needs to finish the mission to accomplish a tango choreography with Jisuk and Lee Yi Kyung. In order to find the location of So Min, the Running Man members are required to also complete a dance mission. They have to dance to BTS’s song in order to get the hint of So Min’s whereabouts. However, due to the lack of dancing skills of most Running Man members, the cool and swift BTS’s dance actually turns into a horror film.

Running Man Episode 448

Running Man Episode 448 is one of my personal favorites since the guest stars are superbly entertaining. The members welcome EXID, SEVENTEEN, Hye Yoon and Han Bo Reum. The members and their guest have to carry out a mission so that guest star names can become the most sought after keywords in the internet portal. The most sought-after names and videos with the most number of likes will benefit more.

After three teams were formed, the members need to immediately make a promotional video with their respective styles. After the video was made, three teams had to continue the next mission, which was to pop up the balloon that was guarded by one person on each team. During the race, there was a chase up the hill full of twigs. Since they were too scared of Kim Jong-kook, Hani and Solji Exid run-up the hill but unfortunately, Solji’s balloon is actually stuck in a twig and erupts by itself.

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Running Man Episode 449

The Running Man’s member got one mission to finish on this race and that is to spends the least money. On this episode, there are two guest stars and the members are given 100,000 dollars but the gotta use it as economically as possible so that at the end there is still a lot left and will be shared among the members. The special guest star on this episode is Esom and Kyung Nam which, of course, kinda awkward at first but later on gel perfectly with the members.

The race begins with the entry of each member into one the container at a time. The funny thing is that they have to leave all their personal belongings before entering and wear a special uniform. The members and their guest have to stay in that empty space for 9 hours and if they want to buy something, they must use the telephone that has been prepared. it sounds dull but the real race was not about the money!

Running Man Episode 452

The last episode on our list is the episode where Chul Min PD is coming back which also marks the start of – I think – the longest project of Running Man where they need to prepare everything for the first fan meeting in South Korea. The grande project starts with the opening group dance routine that needs to be decided by the one who will win the race between the members of Running Man or the production staff.

I just love the chemistry of the members where they need to be united and it’s kinda refreshing to see the real interaction between the members. But what’s make me ROFL on this episode is when Ji Suk Jin needs to decide whether he will tell her wife about his secret bank account – which of course he won’t do. The rejection doesn’t solve the trouble as it leads to another ridiculous rumor.