KMazing – If you are frequent Running Man viewer, it must have been no strange to see Kim Jong Kook always being very selective about his food. It’s public knowledge that the singer is very protective of his own health and his body. As Running Man fans, we thought he was very healthy due to his performance during the show which clearly show Jong Kook’s power and agility. Fact is the singer is not as healthy as we thought.

Recently Kim Jong Kook and his mother appeared in program titled Let’s Go Where We Want that aired in one of the cable network in South Korea, TV Chosun. Together with his mother, the 41-year-old star went to Vietnam to enjoy seafood there, and during the show Kim Jong Kook finally revealed the disease he actually suffered.


At the end of the culinary adventure, the last menu that comes out is shrimp. While the others cheered, Kim Jong Kook did not touch this seafood at all. He then explained why he prefer not eat shrimp. “I’m suffering from Gout, that’s because I ate too much protein while exercising in the past,” explains Kim Jong Kook. He then keeps on going saying that, “I suffered for two years because I did not know it was Gout, they just checked the uric acid levels and said it was not Gout, but it turned out it was Gout that could appear because of high cholesterol.

Gout itself is an inflammation of the joint that resulted in sudden pain. Most of these diseases attack men over the age of 40, causing inflammation in the joints of the big toe.