Produce 101 Season 2 confirms the possibility of debuting more than one group from the existing trainees. Source inside Mnet acknowledge the prospect of debuting two group from the trainees that participate in Produce 101 Season 2. The official further said that they are considering probabilities of various plans for the trainees. One of the project that is being considered is forming another separate group from the member other than the contest winner. The consideration comes up after the idea of adding the spark to the fire, where the second group will be the add-on over the main group and to create more dynamic for the performance sequence.

Mnet already scheduled their winner-member group to join two concert in Korea, but the member that will participate is not confirmed yet, due to the planning of second group. The reception over this idea is varies among the viewer, most of the respond they are getting over the plan is negative, as they thought Mnet should stick to their original plan and not change it. The fans expressed their concern because the second group which was not the winner of the contest might stole the thunder and ruin the purpose of the contest. The positive reception discuss about the possibility of the talented that is being cut off from the show because they don’t have visual. Controversy spark between fans over this idea. Due the first season explosive popularity Mnet is preparing every option available to be able to reach the record set by I.O.I.





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