Top 20 Best Korean Horror Movies of All Time Up To 2017 (Thriller, Crime)

20 Best Korean Horror-Thriller Movies

21Best Korean Horror Thriller Movies of All Time (Up To 2017)

KMazing – South Korean maybe famous for it’s romantic drama or movie, but the industry is not just hinge on romantic theme, there  are plenty other aspect that boost the fame of South Korean Cinema. One of them is the movie with horror genre which always succeeded in taking the breath away from the audience. Korean horror-thriller is also not less frightening compare with the films of neighboring countries such as Japan or Thailand film.

Indeed, since the boom of J-Horror in the early 2000s, horror films in the Asian region are often compared to Japanese films. Especially with the appearance of Ringu or The Grunge Hollywood version that spark the interest to horror themed movie from Asia is increasing.

Until this year, South Korean film such as The Wailing got their screening at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, which is huge acknowledgement of the quality in Horror/Thriller Film Made in Korea and we can’t forget Train to Busan which successfully broke through the Box Office and received appreciation from film critics, proving that Korean horror-thriller also did not lose to any other country and that they are capable in expanding their horizon over the usual romance and mellow drama.

Here are our best pick of South Korean Films that adopted thriller or Horror genre in their story plot. One thing to point out to all of you guys, take a blanket before start to watch these movie.

Let’s go!



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