Top 25 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses of All Time (Up To 2017)

song hye kyo beautiful actress

2625 Hottest and Most Beautiful Korean Actresses of All Time (Up To 2017)

KMazing – Since the booming era of Hallyu wave, Asia women’s beauty mecca soon shifted to South Korea. The Ginseng country is able to break the dominance of Japan and Taiwan in terms of entertainment, fashion, and music. Over time, the artists from South Korea continue to appear and astonish the viewer with their beauty. The beauty that are truly famous throughout the world. No wonder various beauty products that has the hint of South Korea is hard sold on the market.

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The name of South Korea industry is getting famous due to development of the entertainment industry. It is no wonder that many successful Korean artists are gaining popularity globally. This is not just about of their physical appearance which is indeed very stunning but also great talent that have been sharpened and develop perfectly before they jump directly into the entertainment industry.

Talking about beauty faces in South Korean Drama or Movies is like talking about things that are undeniably fact, because there are vast amount of actress that really really really beautiful and smart plus their acting is exceptional. This time I will stick to the flow and present you with familiar pretty face with solid acting skill that have been around for quite some time.

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We’ve watched a lot of dramas, so we also discovered some new beautiful faces. For your information, we are going to tell you some new beautiful actresses that you might do not know or underrated.

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  1. very beautiful actresses are on this list but I can only agree with 10 of them and as beauty factors may differ in any culture I dont think ranking them was a good idea. Some of most beautiful korean actresses are not in the list, which surprised me, such as Suzy, Go Ara, Nana, Lee yun Hee ,Song Ji Hyo, …

  2. Im not sure about such natural beauty that people mentioned towards some actresses and I don’t care to be honest. My favorite in term of beauty is still Han hyo joo.

  3. Songs ji hyo should be included in the top 10 of the beautiful korean actress as she have the natural beauty without having plastic surgery… for ji hyo


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