KMazing – While Rookie Cops is dominating the Disney+ platform, another South Korean television series is finally making its debut on Netflix. Yap, All of Us Are Dead KDrama has finally been available on the platform since the end of January 2022.

The drama is based on Joo Dong Geun’s famous webtoon entitled “Now at Our School”, which will depict the tense situation when a group of high school students is trapped in a school while a zombie virus is spreading. Each of them must try to escape and save themselves.

Synopsis of All of Us Are Dead KDrama

In accordance with the webtoon, All of Us Are Dead tells the story of school students who survive a zombie attack situation at their school. There is a group of high school students who are trapped in the school after the zombie virus spreads. Those who are still alive are trapped inside the school building trying to save themselves from zombie attacks.

According to the trailer released by Netflix, the drama begins with a gripping scene typical of a horror film. All the students who seemed to be infected turned wild and took extreme actions such as targeting other students.

The surviving students are forced to survive in dangerous situations, without cell phones, food, or adults to help. All school equipment was used by students to save themselves, including arrows to table lamps.

Casts of All of Us Are Dead KDrama

Park Ji Hoo

Park Ji Hoo portrays Nam On Jo in the drama All of Us Are Dead. She is a typical young lady who lives with her fireman father. While fleeing from zombies, Jo demonstrates exceptional life skills.

All of Us Are Dead KDrama

Park Ji Hoo’s role in the drama series All of Us Are Dead is her second in a drama series and her first time as the main protagonist character. She debuted as an actress in the 2016 film Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned.

Her most popular film was House of Hummingbird (2019), for which she earned the award for the most popular newcomer.

Yoon Chan Young

Yoon Chan Young plays Lee Cheong San, On Jo’s classmate and best friend since childhood. He is a calm, fearless young man who is prepared to put his life on the line for the protection of his friends.

All of Us Are Dead KDrama

Chan Young was formerly a child actor who has been working in the entertainment industry since 2013. He has received multiple honors for his acting abilities, including Best Youth Actor & Actress for his performance in the drama “Doctor John” and Best Child Actor for his role in the drama “Mama”.

Park Solomon

Park Solomon, also known as Lomon, is making her comeback to acting following his previous television serial, Sweet Revenge, which aired in 2017. Lomon portrays Lee Su Hyeok in the drama All Of Us Are Dead.

Lee Su Hyeok, who was formerly feared and associated with bad guys, has now shifted his focus to safeguarding the helpless. When the zombie infection spreads, he always be the first to help his pals.

Jo Yi Hyun

Jo Yi Hyun plays Choi Nam Ra who is the class president who is also the best student in school. She is portrayed as a cold typical top student who prefers to avoid becoming friends with anybody in order to concentrate on her academics.

After portraying a medical student in the drama Hospital Playlist, this 1999-born actress is on the rise.