KMazing – CLN Company, Park Se Young’s agency, broke the news on Monday (1/24/2022) regarding the marriage plan of Kwak Jung Wook and Park Se Young. The two met on the set of the drama School 2013.
Getting Married After Meeting on Drama Set

CLN Company announced the happy news regarding their actress, Park Se Young. The 1988-born artist will marry Kwak Jung Wook. The agency said, “Park Se Young will marry Kwak Jung Wook in mid-February 2022 in Seoul.” The two entertainers have been good friends since acting together in the 2013 drama School, according to the agency.


Park Se Young portrays Song Ha Gyung while Kwak Jung Wook plays Oh Jung Ho in the television series. Their friendship developed into a love relationship, and the two had been together for a few years.

The couple will marry in a small ceremony attended by just their closest family members. They appeal for the fans’ approval and understanding since they are unable to host a large-scale event because of the ongoing epidemic.

Kwak Jung Wook and Park Se Young are Getting Married

According to News1, Kwak Jung Wook expressed his delight at the prospect of preparing for his wedding with Park Se Young. The fact that they both work as actors makes it simpler for them to connect and click.

“We do the same thing,” he said, “so we have something in common and can share one other’s job and acting difficulties.”

Park Se Young are Getting Married

Park Se Young will continue to work as an actor even after she marries, according to the agency. This statement also put an end to rumors that Park Se Young was expecting a child. Kwak Jung Wook echoed this sentiment.

“My girlfriend (Park Se Young) would start working as soon as we marry. I’m overjoyed to be able to share such wonderful news with you” the 32-year-old actor claims.

In 2019, Park Se Young starred in the drama Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo, while Kwak Jung Wook starred in the drama Life on Mars in 2018. Have a happy marriage!