KMazing – Recently, Song Ji A – Free Zia, a Single’s Inferno cast has been dragged into a controversy where she was claimed to be wearing and promoting fake goods. South Korean netizens accused her of imitating the lavish styles of top Korean artists, such as BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

As a result, all of her related videos to luxury goods have been deleted since the Free Zia controversy rise up. Not wanting to remain silent, the agency also helped to straighten out all the misunderstandings that made the Free Zia case drag on. The artist’s agency issued an official statement in response to the scandal surrounding the counterfeit products she wore and evaluated.

Agency Respond the Free Zia Controversy

On January 19, 2022, Kim Hyo Jin, as CEO of HyoWon CNC, Free Zia’s agency, issued a formal statement to the media. At the time, Kim Hyo Jin stated that the agency in charge of Free Zia was to blame for everything.

“This is unavoidable so I want to convey our agency’s stance because there are various malicious rumors about Free Zia that have spread. First, I want to apologize. This is all my fault.” said Kim Hyo Jin as CEO of HyoWon CNC as quoted from Wikitree on Thursday, January 20, 2022.

“It is the company’s responsibility to check the creator’s style but we thought that respecting Free Zia’s own style was a way to communicate with customers on a more intimate level so we couldn’t check it. I’m very sorry for actress Kang Ye Won who left the management of the company in my hands. ” he continued.

Since the clothing case was discussed by Korean netizens, there have been many false accusations thrown at her. One of which is the rumor regarding the agency’s decision to pay Free Zia’s monthly rent.

“We never paid a dime to get a house.” said Kim Hyo Jin as CEO of HyoWon CNC

“After entering university, Ji Ah pays a direct deposit with the money she collected while working as a model and working as a creator at a company. This is a monthly rental house that she signs the contract for” He explained.

In addition, Kim Hyo Jin also clarified rumors that Free Zia reviewed counterfeit items pretending to review real items. The agency responded, “She’s not lying. The reason we made the video private is not because the item she reviewed was fake, but because the accessory she was wearing during the review was fake. Therefore, we deleted the entire video.”

Furthermore, the agency issued a statement stating that if any K-netizen unfairly accuses Free Zia and oppresses her on social media, the agency would pursue legal action.

Kim Hyun Joong Respond to Free Zia Controversy

Kim Hyun Joong and Free Zia are two of the most famous Single’s Inferno participants. Their presence at the TV program drew a lot of attention and earned a lot of positive feedback from social media users.

Free Zia Controversy

Since the beginning of the program, the two have acknowledged their fascination with one other. When Kim Hyun Joong expressed his unwavering love for Free Zia, he got a lot of support from the audience. The two of them got a lot of love from fans and a lot of encouragement to continue their relationship in the real world.

But, their romance did not last long, as Free Zia was embroiled in scandals regarding wearing fake expensive products. As the uproar grew, numerous netizens noticed that Kim Hyun Joong, who had previously followed Free Zia on Instagram, had stopped doing so.

As a result, many predicted that Kim Hyun Joong would conclude his relationship with Free Zia as the scandal worsened.